Trudeau Government To Spend $400 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Education In Foreign Countries

The cause may be a good one, but why is our tax money being sent overseas when so many Canadians are in need of help?

It is being reported that the Trudeau government plans to announce that they will spend $400 million of taxpayer dollars to fund education in foreign countries.

According to CTV, “Multiple sources familiar with the government’s plans confirmed the amount of the Canadian contribution, and some of them said they were expecting contributions from other countries, including from outside the G7.”

The cause – helping poor girls around the world go to school – is a very good one.

With that said, the issue is that rather than try to encourage private, voluntary donations to that good cause, the Trudeau government is using tax money that they forcibly collected, while problems in our own country go unsolved.

Many communities in Canada don’t even have the basics such as adequate housing, clean water, and plumbing. Many of our seniors still live in poverty. Many Veterans are homeless and have been abandoned by the government.

Those are the issues that Canadian taxpayer dollars need to be directed towards.

If we had an unlimited amount of money, then we could fund everything here and around the world. But we don’t, which means we have to make choices. And since the government is called the ‘Canadian’ government, not the ‘world’ government, those choices with our tax dollars need to be about helping Canadian citizens, not other countries.

A far better, and fairer way to support a cause like helping poor girls around the world go to school would be for Canadian politicians who support that cause to encourage people to make voluntary, private donations. Justin Trudeau has a huge following on Twitter, and he could easily use that to encourage people to contribute to organizations helping spread education opportunities.

But instead, he’s making Canadians contribute, without asking us, without giving us a choice, and without addressing the problems within our own borders that need solving first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube