Trudeau Government To Spend $400 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Education In Foreign Countries

The cause may be a good one, but why is our tax money being sent overseas when so many Canadians are in need of help?

It is being reported that the Trudeau government plans to announce that they will spend $400 million of taxpayer dollars to fund education in foreign countries.

According to CTV, “Multiple sources familiar with the government’s plans confirmed the amount of the Canadian contribution, and some of them said they were expecting contributions from other countries, including from outside the G7.”

The cause – helping poor girls around the world go to school – is a very good one.

With that said, the issue is that rather than try to encourage private, voluntary donations to that good cause, the Trudeau government is using tax money that they forcibly collected, while problems in our own country go unsolved.

Many communities in Canada don’t even have the basics such as adequate housing, clean water, and plumbing. Many of our seniors still live in poverty. Many Veterans are homeless and have been abandoned by the government.

Those are the issues that Canadian taxpayer dollars need to be directed towards.

If we had an unlimited amount of money, then we could fund everything here and around the world. But we don’t, which means we have to make choices. And since the government is called the ‘Canadian’ government, not the ‘world’ government, those choices with our tax dollars need to be about helping Canadian citizens, not other countries.

A far better, and fairer way to support a cause like helping poor girls around the world go to school would be for Canadian politicians who support that cause to encourage people to make voluntary, private donations. Justin Trudeau has a huge following on Twitter, and he could easily use that to encourage people to contribute to organizations helping spread education opportunities.

But instead, he’s making Canadians contribute, without asking us, without giving us a choice, and without addressing the problems within our own borders that need solving first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne



Trudeau is following the Agenda 2030 playbook to a tee. This is Trudeau’s entire agenda that anyone can freely read on the internet. You can find reference to this document on the federal government’s website. Agenda 2030 was spurned from Agenda21. This is about world communitarianism, “equality”, and wealth transfer from the west to the third world so that we are all equally mediocre.

Daunell Lapointe

There is no way that we should be sending money for education around the world. And, I don’t believe that it is going for education around the world. Last year we sent $400 million to the “French Navy.” Does France need our money for their navy? Of course not! The EU is building their own Globalist army, and I believe that we are contributing to that. Actually, we are using tax dollars to pay for our own demise! These politicians should be charged with High treason!

louis Joannette


Ben Eby

This is Mr. Worldly Do-Gooder in action again. Wouldn’t it be prudent for someone at this level of government to at least understand that his own country is in an economic tailspin and it would be more heroic to right the Canadian ship, stimulate economic growth here instead of destroying it, then when we have some wealth to show, go for it, self aggrandize yourself to your hearts content. Right now this guy is addicted to the adulation of far off, despotic leaders, who will line their own pockets long before their people see one red cent of the monies… Read more »


First off, one of the twitters shows Justin Trudeau ‘ fake’ eyebrows (his left one) coming unglued while he spoke.
2nd. I don’t think any of our money will be used on foreign education instead, that money will go into the liberal party for their friends.
Trudeau insterest in canada is none existence.

Ron Werner

Why JUST girls. To quote Trudeau in a way, its 2018, just encourage EVERYONE to go to school, boy or girl. In 10-20 yrs there will be all these educated women and very few educated men.
Being a mother is considered demeaning in todays society. So there goes families, there goes future generations. And the ruling class in 50 yrs belongs to those that reproduced. So Look around. Who are reproducing? There’s you future leaders.


??? doesn’t Trudeau have some of his own Charities, why doesn’t he use his personal money for his personal agenda, he already is not looking after all his personally invited illegal immigrants. This is Canada remember us, your borrowing more money to give to the world, the UN and Zoros your foreign friends have lots of money, Canada has a huge debt, and more and more jobs are leaving, you are paid by Canadians, so stop destroying our country, step down, so we can have a Canadian government for Canada.


Impossible to get through to Trudeau as there is nothing upstairs. He treats Canada like he owns it and the money. Totally clueless as to what a PM’s job is and that is why the Liberal big wigs chose him while they rape and pillage Canada and let Trudeau do whatever he wants like a petulant little child with his first toy. His legacy will be the dismantling of our once great Country and the Liberal hacks/MPs could care less as long as they stay in power and get their perks and paycheques. Trudeau won’t be PM forever and then… Read more »

Moe S.

This boy sure knows how to spend other people’s money. Just another signal from Trudeau to the United Nations council “hey look at me.” Meanwhile, Auditor General Michael Ferguson recently released a 2017 report on the Federal Government. The report indicated a ‘huge’ educational gap between on-reserve First Nations students and the rest of Canadian students. There was NO improvement in the last 15 yrs. The drop-out rate among First Nations students was ‘jimmied’ by the government to make the rate look less appalling. Trudeau’s 605 MILLION dollar G7 photo-opt was for his benefit, the coveted seat he wants on… Read more »

Gary Schuy

Privat Donations is the Way to go. Tax Dollars are for Canada and it’s Problems. If you would have known his Fathers Policies then you would have never voted for any of those two Robber Barons. We would have saved a Bundle. With 90% of Canadians speaking English , Canada will never be Bilingual. What another Waste of Tax Payers Money. If Canada does not wake up, they will always be the poor Neighbour of the United States.


That is so ludicrous. I know of many talented young people in Canada who CANNOT AFFORD to go to 4 year programs at University, let alone doing a Master that takes another 2 years, and they do college programs of 2 years. They dont want to end up with large debts while this irresponsible PM is going to pay education overseas. What is his problem? We are not Mother Theresa and we are not there to save the world. Let them overseas sweat for their results and put them to work instead of overpopulating the earth. Cut Canadian funding to… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

It is REPREHENSIBLE!!! Trudeau did NOT ask Canadians!!!


worst pm ever!!!

Don Harrison

Most Canadians do not realize that Canada is actually bankrupt. The money Trudeau gives away on his self agrandizing projects is money borrowed from the international banking cartel. Canadians sit around the kitchen table and bitch but they do very little research and so we continue to vote back and forth between Liberal and conservative hoping for a change. It ain,t going to happen folks. We have been doing it for over 100 years and both parties offer dummies as candidates. Put your support where it could do some good, the CANADIAN PEOPLES UNION and lets take our country back… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Why did you ask?

The answer is obvious — all too obvious — the ‘man’ is no more than a functional fool looking for more self-aggrandizement from around the world.

That and selfies are his whole being — nothing more and nothing less.


Trudeau needs a swift kick in the ass!!! We have veterans here that are living on the streets cause they can’t afford to pay for an apt they can’t afford to eat they can’t live a normal life because of ptsd and he’s sending all our money to foreign countries what a goof!!!! He needs to be taken down a notch and booted out of politics completely and jailed for screwing all of Canada and giving everything to everyone else instead of the ppl in Canada that deserve it and need it. DOWN WITH TRUDEAU!!!!!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that $400 million going to foreign countries that are “depriving” girls of an education? Didn’t Malala Y. get shot in the face for wanting an education and standing up for girls, who wish to get an education? And aren’t these girls being penalized in different ways, for wanting an education? So, if Trudeau and the other UN Countries are sending money for girls education in these areas….how are the girls going to get this money for their education, when they are not allowed to have an education, according to the men in their… Read more »