Trump Calls For Canada To End Supply Management, Says ‘The Gig Is Up’

“No tariffs, no barriers, that’s the way it should be and no subsidies,” said Trump.

At a press conference before he left the G-7 summit, US President Donald Trump said Canada would need to get rid of the supply management system for dairy products, threatening that the US would “stop trading” with Canada if it didn’t happen.

“No tariffs, no barriers, that’s the way it should be and no subsidies. In other words, let’s say Canada, where we have tremendous tariffs. The U.S. pays tremendous tariffs on dairy, as an example, 270 per cent — we don’t want to pay anything, why should we pay anything?” said Trump.

Added Trump,“It’s very unfair to our farmers. Our farmers, whether it’s through a non-tariff trade barrier or whether it’s through very high tariffs … You can’t do that. It’s going to stop, or we’ll stop trading. You look at our farmers. For 15 years, the graph has gone just like this, down.”

Justin Trudeau has said that Canada will not make any changes to the supply management system, which could lead to a prolonged trade showdown if the US insists on keeping new steel tariffs in place as long as supply management remains in force.

Notably, the US gives huge subsidies to farmers in their country, and Trump has given no sign that he would be willing to remove those subsidies.

Trump’s full press conference at the G-7 can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Like hydro, we have to be on the government grid. Most all of our farms in Canada are controlled or owned by corporations usually foreign now, and you have to find quota available by them or the government, pay a huge price for them, and guaranty to supply only that amount for the quota you bought, if your short you are fined, if you have too much, you must destroy it. You have to medicate and feed (poultry food is put together in India, last I heard) what you are told by them, it’s big money running this, and the… Read more »

Ron Voss

Posted by Scheer at his Facebook on June 6th: “The Prime Minister needs to be open and transparent with Canadians about what concessions he’s made on supply management during NAFTA negotiations. Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada will continue to stand with Canadian dairy farmers.” Remember that Scheer’s support of supply management for the Quebec dairy farmers was one of the reasons that Scheer was able to defeat Maxime Bernier for the CPC leadership, who standing upon conservative principles, campaigned against supply management.

Eric Blair

Bring on US cheese and milk. Canadian cheese in my opinion tasted better even the cheese with the Kraft label taste better than the US version never mind brands like Balderson’s and OKA. All we have to do is insist that all Canadian cheese sold in Canada have “made in Canada” marked on it. Also are they really going to ship liquid milk all the way from the US into Canada. Milk is heavy and it has a shelf life so right there it will have a higher transportation component. Bring on the competition I say. Maybe Canadian farmers will… Read more »

Bill Baerg

As much as I’m 100% for dropping Supply Management, President Donald Trump is just as stupid as our past and present political leaders. They know nothing of International trade and the mercantilism that they all practice for buying the votes of special interest groups. Trump doesn’t understand that American Dairy Farmers do not pay the tariffs, CANADIAN CONSUMERS DO ! ! He also does not understand that his government has been subsidizing American farmers for almost 100 years with direct payments to them. He also doesn’t know that balance of trade numbers mean nothing at all, either. Of course, as… Read more »