WATCH: Poilievre Asks How Much Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians, Trudeau Blames Harper

Trudeau tried bragging that 80% of Canada’s GDP was in provinces with a carbon tax – the night before Doug Ford won a massive landslide in Ontario, in part on a pledge to fight that very same carbon tax.

During a recent Question Period, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre once again asked Justin Trudeau to answer what should be the easiest question in the world: How much will the carbon tax cost the average Canadian family?

It’s the kind of data that every government has, as it’s part of basic finance department calculations any time a new policy is introduced.

Yet, Trudeau has repeatedly refused to answer the question.

It’s a massive and disgraceful level of hypocrisy, considering the fact that Justin Trudeau ran on being the most “open and transparent” PM ever, yet refuses to share some of these most basic numbers with the Canadian people.

And yet, Trudeau did what he always does: Refuse to answer the question he was actually asked, and then blame Harper.

After getting his Harper blaming out of the way, Trudeau tried mentioning Ontario’s cap-and-trade program as something that backs up his carbon tax, saying that 80% of Canada’s economy is represented by a province that has a ‘price’ on carbon.

Hilariously, Trudeau said this on June 6th. On June 7th, the Ontario PCs – who pledged to scrap the cap-and-trade program and fight the carbon tax in court – won a massive majority government.

Canadians are turning against the carbon tax, yet Trudeau arrogantly refuses to listen. Watch the full exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Our rich globalist ruling class, is becoming like the Monarchies of old, too powerful, too greedy, and care only for themselves, the only difference is so far we can still vote these destructive horrors out before it is too late. We the peasants, not represented by an independant government for us, any longer, just pay them, if we can still afford to. They show off their power and ill gotten stolen wealth in other dictator countries and to their rich uncaring friends, for their personal amusement. We the people they are supposed to be representing, need to vote these greedy… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is a delusional, pathological LIAR!!!

Paul Ouellet

When is trudeau to blame himself for his mini management of Canadians money

Moe S.

Pierre Poilievre at his finest, matter of fact, and to the point. Poilievre the parent asking the child for the truth. Like a child, he deflects, dismisses, and makes-up irrelevant stories blaming Harper’s government. How the child tax benefit, saving the middle-class on taxes, and the 1% of the richest has anything to do with the question, really speaks to Trudeau’s character. Here’s a cautionary warning for Trudeau. ALL those ‘old white people’ who Wynne’s gov’t were afraid would vote in large numbers. Guess what? They came out in droves and kick-assed the Prov. Liberals to the curb. Now those… Read more »