6 Simple Ways To Insulate Canada From Trade Crisis Damage

There are some very simple things the government could do to boost our own domestic economy, and reduce our increasingly vulnerable reliance on trade.

While trade tensions with the US escalate, there is not nearly enough discussion of things Canada could be doing to strengthen our own domestic economy, increase our national security, and reduce our dependence on foreign countries.

After all, the more dependent we are on other countries, the more vulnerable we are, and reducing that vulnerability should be the goal of the federal government.

Here are 6 ways we can do that:


Canada’s military is massively underfunded in all aspects. We don’t have enough troops, we don’t have enough tanks, we don’t have enough planes, and we don’t have enough ships.

By launching a large expansion of our military, Canada would reduce our reliance on other countries, make our country safer, create more jobs, give a boost to our steel industry, strengthen our manufacturing sector, and build our domestic defence industry.


By bringing in a huge tax cut for working class and middle class Canadians, the government would boost the spending power of Canadian families, which would increase domestic consumption and provide a boost to GDP that wouldn’t be dependent on external trade.


The carbon tax has pushed tens of billions of dollars out of Canada and into the United States. Companies look at the two countries, and the carbon tax makes them see the US as a better place to invest, grow, and create jobs. Scrapping the carbon tax would send a clear message that Canada is open for businesses, and would bring jobs and money back into Canada.


A military build up and large tax cut would be expensive. But paying for that wouldn’t be tough. Federal spending has been growing far faster than the rate of inflation, especially on salaries for bureaucrats. A simple hiring freeze and effort to find 5% efficiencies would save tens of billions every year, making a military build up and big tax cut very affordable. Also, cutting foreign aid and keeping Canadian tax dollars within Canada would save billions of dollars – money that could be used to build up our own country


Another reason for Canada’s big investment collapse is the fact that the Trudeau government is imposing more and more bureaucratic regulations – which adds to the costs of doing business and once again pushes investment to the US. Cutting those regulations would be a huge boost to our economy and would unleash the creativity & entrepreneurship of the Canadian people – which is all too often held back by the government.


It’s a pathetic disgrace that Canada uses foreign oil. We have gigantic oil reserves, yet because of government incompetence and bowing down to radical leftists, we can’t even get pipelines built in our own country to spread our resources throughout our own land.

Building the energy east pipeline, and expanding pipeline construction across Canada (which goes hand in hand with point 5 about cutting regulations) would reduce our dependence on foreign countries, and create tens of thousands of jobs for Canadians. Additionally, we should be constructing new refineries, which would reduce our dependence on the US.

Those six measures would be a big benefit to Canada, and would help insulate us from external trade crisis damage. We can’t control what other countries do, but we can control how we respond to it.

The measures above would go against the obsession with trade that currently takes hold among the political elite, but if we want more economic independence, we need to move beyond the dangerous failure of globalism.

The truth is that a more nationalistic approach is necessary to secure our Canadian economic future.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Would never sell with leftist ideologues like Trudeau and company.


A great Recipe for Canadian Sovereignty Spencer!

We could be supplying Made in Canada automobiles, jet fighters, frigates, ice breakers, ships, trains with our own domestically produced aluminum and steel!

This trade dispute gives Canadians an opportunity to re-awaken our potential as a Nation, protect our domestic markets, and to sell to the world quality goods manufactured in Canada!

Dave Bainard

Great ideas Spencer. Too bad every one of the are opposite of the current liberal agenda.
Damned good thing we can get rid of them in Oct 19.

Maria D

Absolutely Spencer. This would ultimately destroy the socialist/globalist agenda in the process and promote a heathy Canadian economy. Then any trade with other countries can be done bilaterally. The one other aspect that would boost all of this is re-establishing the moral anchors in our society….thus restoring honesty, integrity, value in each human being, healthy and strong families…..etc.


Except for the thoughts on the military which I respectfully disagree with this is a good report. Canada is often run in the interest of our elites and the overseas elites who get the local premiers of PM and PMO backers on side. Free trade, starting with Mulroney we knew who many of his favorites were, some the same as Chretien and Justin. If some come to Canada and expect free housing, clothing and so on and ask what can Canada do for you and they give, then you know what they want. Buy from Canadians and support Canadians. Look… Read more »


Oh Spencer, you hit the nail on the head, make Canada strong again, independent, free us from our foreign governments tight control, get Canada working, instead of failing !!!!! Common sense ! Just like President Trump is correctly trying to do for the USA’s people. This foreign owned, foreign made, foreign banks, rich shareholders etc. ?free trade, is only for the greedy rich, power hungry, way too large corporations and their controlling shareholders etc. There used to be laws in Canada, and the US, that corporations could only control so much of the markets, and no more, because this keeps… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

This article and its message, although clearly above the intellectual capabilities of our present government, should be kept in front of the public, through to the 2019 election by whatever means possible — possibly flyers in retail outlets — but no matter the method, the need is obvious.

Like it or not, all too many voters have short memories and/or are indifferent and those two realities can be dangerous at election time.

Perhaps even local papers could ensure to place this article in their own papers that get a lot of local attention.


All things that will never happen under Trudeau

alan skelhorne

i have been saying this for years fernando, this could be one of the richest countries in the world. i an not blaming trudeau only, he is doing what he is doing to get his seat at the un. george soros, is telling him exactly what to do. he is only a puppet for the globalist.