PATRIOTISM: Scheer & Ford Offer Support For PM As US Rhetorical Attacks Escalate

Country before party.

As US rhetorical attacks against the PM continue to escalate, both Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford have put country ahead of party and are offering statements of support for the Canadian government.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“This G7 meeting shows that united support for free trade is at serious risk.

Canada’s Conservatives continue to support the Prime Minister’s efforts to make the case for free trade. Divisive rhetoric and personal attacks from the US administration are clearly unhelpful.”

“Donald Trump’s tariff action against Canadian steel and aluminum remains unfair and a serious threat to workers across the country. The Government of Canada must support the sectors under attack.”

In addition to his words of support, Scheer also called for Trudeau to retaliate with tariffs immediately, rather than waiting:

“We call on Justin Trudeau to implement the TPP agreement and the plan for retaliatory tariffs immediately. The government signed the TPP agreement months ago. Why are they taking so long to implement it?”

On Twitter, Doug Ford also offered support:

“We will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister and the people of Canada. My number one goal is to protect jobs in Ontario, starting with my unwavering support for our steel and aluminum workers.”

Country before party

Neither Ford or Scheer are fans of Trudeau, and that certainly won’t change. However, there are times when it’s important to put country ahead of party, and this is one of them. Whatever the merits of various trade disputes, no country can sit by and let another country criticize our leaders without a tough response.

While Trudeau certainly deserves massive criticism, and needs to be defeated in 2019, that criticism should be coming from Canadians, not from other countries. And when we are criticized from the outside, it is important to present a united front.

Both Scheer and Ford are showing Patriotism and leadership with their expressions of support, and they should get credit for putting Canada first.

Spencer Fernando