REPORT: State Democratic Parties May Have Illegally Funneled $84 Million To Clinton Campaign

Illegal campaign collusion?

A US federal lawsuit alleges that state democratic parties illegally funneled $84 million to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign.

As written in the New York Post, “A federal lawsuit says the Clinton team and the Democratic National Committee went around campaign finance laws by pouring money into state parties that then sent the funds back to the DNC to help Clinton.”

The lawsuit claims that “an unprecedented, massive, nationwide multi-million dollar conspiracy” took place to funnel contributions using the Hillary Victory Fund.

The way the scheme allegedly worked is that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee sent money to state parties, who then sent the money to the Clinton campaign, which would have enabled them to circumvent campaign finance laws.

It raises series questions, including influence being sought by well-connected elite donors through the Hillary Victory Fund:

“That fund is a so-called joint fundraising committee that allowed Clinton to raise money for her campaign and local state parties simultaneously. Possible due to looser campaign finance rules, this type of fund meant Clinton could raise $350,000 or more from a single rich donor.”

This potential illegal campaign collusion is another problem for the Democratic Party, who have watched their massive advantage in the congressional election polls collapse into a near dead-heat as growth in the US economy speeds up and unemployment reaches near record-low levels.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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These people have so much money, they need to funnel it illegally to protect the greedy rich elites and at least for show ? the USA has laws to protect the regular people from their agendas. Is it true? that the Clinton’s funded and sent a team of their people to put our Lieberals in Power? and our tax dollars were sent to the defunct Clinton Foundation to pay for this traitorous corruption? If it is true why are we also not in court, oh wait we don’t have laws left in Canada that we can use to protect the… Read more »