VIDEO: Scheer Visits Border, Rips Trudeau For Failing To Take Responsibility For Crisis

“They’ve been coming, more than 26,000 now, since Justin Trudeau sent out that famous tweet inviting them here last year,” said Scheer.

In a move that will please many Canadians, Andrew Scheer is taking a tougher stance on the border, visiting one of the biggest illegal crossing locations himself, and ripping Justin Trudeau for failing to take responsibility for the crisis.

While Trudeau has tried to avoid responsibility for the crisis – even pathetically blaming Harper – documents from the federal government itself have shown that Trudeau’s irresponsible “welcome” tweet led to a massive surge in illegal border crossings.

The illegal crossings have added a huge burden to Canada’s social programs, and Toronto has been asking for tens of millions of dollars to deal with the illegal influx. The spending will likely reach into the billions in the long-term.

Shelters meant for homeless Canadians have been pushed to the limit by illegal crossers, and the Trudeau government shows no sign of doing anything to stem the crisis.

In the video below, watch a video from Andrew Scheer ripping Trudeau’s unwillingness to take responsibility, and offering ideas to get the crisis under control.

Many Canadians will be glad to see this tougher approach by Scheer. After all, polls show the majority of Canadians think the Trudeau government has been far too weak on the border, and Canada needs leaders who are willing to put the interests of our nation above pathetic virtue-signalling.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter