VIDEO: Scheer Visits Border, Rips Trudeau For Failing To Take Responsibility For Crisis

“They’ve been coming, more than 26,000 now, since Justin Trudeau sent out that famous tweet inviting them here last year,” said Scheer.

In a move that will please many Canadians, Andrew Scheer is taking a tougher stance on the border, visiting one of the biggest illegal crossing locations himself, and ripping Justin Trudeau for failing to take responsibility for the crisis.

While Trudeau has tried to avoid responsibility for the crisis – even pathetically blaming Harper – documents from the federal government itself have shown that Trudeau’s irresponsible “welcome” tweet led to a massive surge in illegal border crossings.

The illegal crossings have added a huge burden to Canada’s social programs, and Toronto has been asking for tens of millions of dollars to deal with the illegal influx. The spending will likely reach into the billions in the long-term.

Shelters meant for homeless Canadians have been pushed to the limit by illegal crossers, and the Trudeau government shows no sign of doing anything to stem the crisis.

In the video below, watch a video from Andrew Scheer ripping Trudeau’s unwillingness to take responsibility, and offering ideas to get the crisis under control.

Many Canadians will be glad to see this tougher approach by Scheer. After all, polls show the majority of Canadians think the Trudeau government has been far too weak on the border, and Canada needs leaders who are willing to put the interests of our nation above pathetic virtue-signalling.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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So fed up with Trudeau and his Liberal puppets. Canadian’s should be taking to the streets and demanding his resignation. Trudeau is pathetic and he is such a screed up, individual. How can anyone stand this creep? He blames Harper and Trump. He’s the biggest loser that ever took office. I’ glad to see Trump stand up to his little immature, incompetent ways. Trudeau thinks he can push people around and brainwash people. People are finally seeing through his sunny ways. Glad to see the puke go.


Scheer and the rest of the conservative party are right to take a strong stand against this. It will likely be a huge issue in the election.

The Trudeau government has massively failed Canadians by allowing open borders and doing next to nothing to try and stop it.


Trudeau listens to his globalist puppet masters who want a global society with no internal borders.

Ron Voss

Glad to see Scheer taking a tougher approach even if he is motivated by “polls show the majority of Canadians think the Trudeau government has been far too weak on the border”. He also needs to point out that Trudeau’s open borders policy is a result of his alliance with evil globalist George (Open Society) Soros.


Canadians are NOT unaware of Trudeau’s many blunders but this has to be one of the major ones How unfit can he prove himself ….enough is enough …regardless of how he might accomplish some minor favorable feats ( very doubtful ) from here on end on the Canadian front, it is really time for him to go

Tommy Hawk

Andrew, this problem is far more dangerous than just ‘illegal’ border crossings.

Once he declared we had no borders, he committed a clearly identifiable act of treason.

Every dictionary I have been able to find gives a description of treason as it is and has been historically known — and his actions on this matter, among others, is no less than an act of treason.

Is it not time we called a spade a spade and a traitor a traitor?


My sentiments exactly.


Scheer has offered three quick and easy solutions to stop the illegal border crossers which could have put an immediate stop to it. Can’t wait til we have a principled Prime Minister ! someone willing to protect our citizens. A country without borders is not a country! That makes Trudeau treasonous for not defending us.


Why hasn’t the Conservative Government not been “Lawful”, and Urged the Legal System to have Trudeau Charged for “Treason”? The Conservatives have had Many Opportunities and a lot of Time to get this done and they have been too Complacent in Defending and Protecting Canadians! The Conservatives have to Act, not just Talk! Canadians are Fed Up with this Terrorist Loving PM and Canadians have their hands tied. We CANNOT wait until 2019 to rid ourselves of this Idiot! The time to Act is NOW!

angela brousseau

Dear Ann, Before you wrote your comment, you should have done some research! You have no business bashing Andrew Scheer like you did in your comment! You wrote that the Conservatives have to do more than talk! You say they have to ACT! You wrote that the Conservatives have had a lot of time to get Trudeau out of there! Let me educate you! In the 2015 election voters handed Trudeau a MAJORITY Government. He won 184 seats, the Conservatives won 99, the NDP won 44, the Block Quebecois won 10 and the Green party won 1. To have a… Read more »

Jan Scott

We stand on guard for thee has become meaningless under the Liberals.


Mrs Payette our governor general should written phoned tweeted by all Canadians concerned to call early election she can getsock boy out of office before next ellection LET EVERYONE KNOW AND DO IT FOR CANADA