REPORT: Trudeau Government Approves Legislation Weakening Canada’s Anti-Terror Laws

The legislation would make it more difficult for the authorities to fight the threat of terrorism.

The Trudeau Liberals are seeking to weaken Canada’s anti-terror laws.

In a 168-125 vote, the Liberals approved legislation that will make it more difficult for Canada’s security agencies to disrupt terror plots.

The original anti-terror laws had been passed by the Conservative government in the wake of the radical Islamist attack on Parliament Hill.

Originally, the anti-terror laws had allowed securities to act swiftly in order to disrupt imminent terror threats. But now, they will need to stop an get a warrant first in many cases, and the legislation subjects those warrants to a charter challenge ahead of time – meaning valuable time to stop a plot could be lost.

In an effort to stop Canada’s anti-terror laws from being weakened, the Conservatives offered multiple amendments to the legislation. The Trudeau government rejected all of those amendments.

Additionally, the Liberals are making it tougher to charge people with spreading terrorist propaganda, and are making it tougher to charge people with ‘promoting terrorism offences’ and ‘counselling someone to commit a terrorist offence.’

What this means is that people will be able to get away with far more pro-terrorism statements than before, and the authorities will be powerless to stop them.

Making things even more disturbing, at the same time the Trudeau government is making it easier to spread terrorist propaganda without facing charges, they are seeking to crack down on social media and fight back against ‘hate speech,’ something which Liberals often define so broadly as to include their political opponents.

So, those advocating actual violence and attacks on Canada could get away with it more easily, while people who are politically incorrect could be targeted by the government.

This is bad news for Canada, and it puts the Canadian people at increased risk in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando

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Did I just read what I think I just read? Holly crap !


We need a Canadian government, the next election is too far away and Canadians are losing Canada with this dangerous foreign controlled fake puppet treasonous government.

Ron Voss

Virtually every piece of legislation the Trudeau regime passes is bad for Canada. He should be tried for treason.

Deneze Lujanen

Is treasonous Trudeau freaking NUTS.. Gawd i cant wait till we vote his ass OUT!!!!!!!!

Christian Moehling

completely defies any reasonable logik!

Tim Pedden

Another stab in the Canadians Back by the LIBERAL/ISIS PARTY OF CANADA . JIHADI JOE out to destroy CANADA one Treasonous act at a Time .

Gar Wood

Legislation policies procedures followed by Harper largely bypassed human rights and rule of law and exposed public safety officials to risk of litigation action by plaintiffs
Trudeau in preparing legislation or amending same takes a more inclusive and litigation avoidance approach
Omar Khadr case in point


Of course the Liberals do because we will find out publicly that some of the MPs are ISIS members.


And the Conservatives and the NDP blame Trump for belittling Trudeau and are are Defending this Arrogant Imbecile of a PM?? I can understand the NDPs backing Trudeau, because the NDPs are very much like Lieberals, but I am VERY Disappointed that the Conservatives are coming to the defense of this Arrogant, Dishonest PM against Trump! Trump isn’t against Canadians. He IS against Trudeau! He knows what an idiot of a PM Trudeau we have, and has called him out on his Dishonesty! Trump knows that Trudeau IS Most Definitely a Security Threat to the U.S. and this is just… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

I can and I must repeat what I have commented so often since 2016 — and I have checked many dictionary definitions — Trudeau has (and continues t0) committed numerous acts of treason. I don’t know about others but as a Canadian citizen, I find it somewhat odd that no one at any level of our legal system has voiced concern over that inescapable reality. The last time I checked, treason is an offence under the C.C.C. — and, since that is another reality, I must wonder where are the lawyers and the legal profession at large not voicing concerns… Read more »

Sandra W

There is a Facebook group called “Class Action Lawsuit Needed by Canadians”. A lawsuit against Trudeau for his acts of treason is the purpose. It is a closed group, but if you are serious about your “treason” comments, request to join and request to sign the “Letter of Intent”.


Tommy. I’m asking the same question. Therefore Scheer is in on it. I wish Harper would come back and lead the party. He’s been around a lot lately. Just saw an excellent interview with him.

gerald william mccormick

i will always fight for this country.just not for the ppl who run it.

Mark Hathaway

Sounds like this came straight out of the British Governments playbook .


This pending legislation is known as Bill C-59, “An Act respecting national security matters”. Sponsor, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Find more by visiting LEGISinfo, searching for Bill C-59 (or any Bill for that matter), then refer to its right side bar for various options. But there’s more….also pending, Bill C-75, a 300+ page Bill submitting yet more extraordinary changes to our Criminal Code–some weakening certain codes regarding crimes against children. Hon. Rob Nicholson MP (shadow Minister of Justice) is assessing this file and posted many videos on his FB page (May/June 2018). Consider viewing, sharing and contacting… Read more »

Sandra Clark

Kinda makes you wonder what Justin Trudeau “really” has in mind for Canada. Is he deliberately trying to destroy us or is he lacking in brains and common sense? Everything he does, is against Canada and Canadians.

Richard Courtemanche

That what idiots do including party members who won’t even object. Shameful!