REPORT: Trudeau Government Approves Legislation Weakening Canada’s Anti-Terror Laws

The legislation would make it more difficult for the authorities to fight the threat of terrorism.

The Trudeau Liberals are seeking to weaken Canada’s anti-terror laws.

In a 168-125 vote, the Liberals approved legislation that will make it more difficult for Canada’s security agencies to disrupt terror plots.

The original anti-terror laws had been passed by the Conservative government in the wake of the radical Islamist attack on Parliament Hill.

Originally, the anti-terror laws had allowed securities to act swiftly in order to disrupt imminent terror threats. But now, they will need to stop an get a warrant first in many cases, and the legislation subjects those warrants to a charter challenge ahead of time – meaning valuable time to stop a plot could be lost.

In an effort to stop Canada’s anti-terror laws from being weakened, the Conservatives offered multiple amendments to the legislation. The Trudeau government rejected all of those amendments.

Additionally, the Liberals are making it tougher to charge people with spreading terrorist propaganda, and are making it tougher to charge people with ‘promoting terrorism offences’ and ‘counselling someone to commit a terrorist offence.’

What this means is that people will be able to get away with far more pro-terrorism statements than before, and the authorities will be powerless to stop them.

Making things even more disturbing, at the same time the Trudeau government is making it easier to spread terrorist propaganda without facing charges, they are seeking to crack down on social media and fight back against ‘hate speech,’ something which Liberals often define so broadly as to include their political opponents.

So, those advocating actual violence and attacks on Canada could get away with it more easily, while people who are politically incorrect could be targeted by the government.

This is bad news for Canada, and it puts the Canadian people at increased risk in a dangerous world.

Spencer Fernando