VIDEO: Scheer & Poilievre Demand Trudeau End The “Carbon Tax Cover-Up”

“His own finance department calculated that the carbon tax will add 11 cents per litre to the price of gas,” said Scheer.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre recently held a press conference to demand that Trudeau end the “carbon tax cover-up.”

The event was held outside of a gas station, as a way to bring attention to the impact the carbon tax is having on already sky-high gas prices, and how it will make things even worse.

In front of a sign saying “TRUDEAU TAXES DRIVERS,” Scheer and Poilievre demanded that Trudeau finally reveal what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families – something the government has been shamefully hiding from the Canadian people.

You can watch the press conference below:

While not the most exciting event, Scheer and Poilievre’s press conference effectively got the message across: Justin Trudeau is making life more expensive for Canadians, and is refusing to tell Canadians the full cost of the carbon tax he’s forcing on us.

Especially considering that Trudeau promised the most “open and transparent” government of all time, his carbon tax cover-up is incredibly hypocritical and damaging to our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook