House Of Commons Votes To Scrap Restoration Of Relations With Iranian Regime

Even the Liberals voted for the Conservative-sponsored motion, in a repudiation of the Trudeau federal executive’s previous plan to strengthen ties with Iran.

The House of Commons has voted in favour of a Conservative motion that called on the government to abandon the restoration of diplomatic relations in Iran.

The vote was a big repudiation of Trudeau’s earlier plans to restore ties with the Iranian regime. And making it even more surprising, Trudeau and the Liberal MPs in the House of Commons voted in favour of their own repudiation.

It’s a big reversal for the Trudeau government, and it’s a big success for the Conservatives to have put a stop to restoration of relations with the pro-terrorist Iranian regime.

The vote comes not long after Iran’s Supreme Leader made a horrendous tweet calling Israel a “cancer” and calling for genocide against Israel. That tweeted generated massive outrage, making it impossible for the government to have pushed for deeper ties with Iran without significant backlash.

Of course, voting for the motion and actually taking real steps to distance Canada from Iran are two different things, and considering the rampant dishonesty of the Trudeau government it will take more than words for people to trust what’s happening.

As Candice Bergen said on Twitter, “Today the Libs voted in support of our motion which would designate the IRGC as a listed terrorist entity in Canada. This requires immediate action – not lip service. Trudeau must act now!”

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Also put a stop to Al Quds Day, calling for the destruction of Israel and tge Jews, which was initiated by the Iranian regime.


Looks like the Conservatives are putting some sense into Liberals. I hope it will be for more.


Well, at least Bombardier got to deliver some of those CRJ-900 jets to Iran. I wonder if they will keep making the payments now that we won’t be doing anymore business with them ( wink wink ). It would be nice to see Bombardier actually make some profits and begin to repay some of the billions they owe us taxpayers.
To bad for Monsef and crew as well they were so looking forward to some direct flights home.

Aaron Moore

Taqqya….Drama queen was brow beaten into giving a show of face, a different mask for politics. This vote means little real effect.

Elizabeth Thorne

Could it be the Liberals can see the writing on the wall for 2019? Big backlash coming and not soon enough.

Eric Blair

This action was more to please Trump than anything else. The libs know they are in trouble if autos are subject to duties in the US so watch even more toeing the line from Trudeau like agreeing with the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem for instance. Maybe something to do the the dairy supply side management like easing them off it over a number of years. Yeah that will look real good with the libs willing to give up on dairy supply side management and the conservatives firing a lone Quebec MP who opposed it. This would not… Read more »