READ: Maxime Bernier’s Book Chapter On Supply Management

Reports say Andrew Scheer booted Maxime Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet because Bernier shared a chapter of his book about Supply Management.

With outrage growing after Maxime Bernier was booted out of the Conservative Shadow Cabinet, reports indicate that Scheer made the decision because Bernier posted part of his book on his website.

According to the CP, “A senior Conservative source tells The Canadian Press Scheer made the decision after finding out Monday that Bernier had posted to his personal website a chapter on supply management that is part of his forthcoming book. “He made a commitment to the leader and to caucus that he would no longer promote his book and he mislead the leader and the caucus,” said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Bernier posted the chapter on June 5 but Scheer was not made aware of it until Monday.”

Of course, booting Bernier for this ‘reason’ will have the predictable effect of making many more people aware of the book chapter than would otherwise have been the case, in addition to angering the many Conservatives who supported him.

Maxime Bernier has responded on Twitter:

“I just want to clarify one thing at this time. The chapter on SM posted on my website is THE SAME that was publicly available for weeks on my publisher’s website but was taken down when I decided to postpone the book indefinitely. There is nothing new, I did not “publish” it.”

If you want to read the chapter, click the link to Maxime Bernier’s website below:

Link To The Maxime Bernier Chapter on Supply Management

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Supporting supply management, hardly a conservative value and principle, was part of Scheer’s crass politics to get enough of the Quebec vote to defeat Bernier for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Scheer recently tweeted strong support for supply management seemingly willing to risk losing Canada’s auto industry in trades talks with Trump to garner voter support in Quebec.


I am proud of Maxime Bernier and he is absolutely right. I dont see why Scheer would have him promised to shut up. It is very anti-conservative. Thank you Spencer for sharing this. Do we know of anything that PET Trudeau has done or implemented that was good for Canadians? Nothing of PET Trudeau has been good. ZIP! Immigration being one of the worst policies where salaries of Canadians have been flat for 30 years in this country no matter where you go. And the second being the Bank of Canada being stolen from the people. The Trudeaus have been… Read more »

Sandra W

I could not agree more. Pierre Elliott Trudeau & now his son Justin are THE top two worst PMs in Canada’s history!

Sandra Williston

Thank you for bringing Maxime Bernier’s Chapter on Supply Management to the attention of the public. Having just read it, I now have a clear understanding about the dairy and chicken cartel in Canada, as well as President’s Trump’s reasonable objection to Supply Management.

old white guy

Bernier would be the only conservative in Ottawa.

Eric Blair

I remember reading once that when dairy supply management came into effect during the early 70’s two or perhaps 4 ridings in the eastern townships of Quebec got about 50% of the national quota. This is why Kraft cheese is made there as this is where the milk supply is. So when you look at a block of Kraft cheese you will see that it just says Kraft, Don Mills ON. That their HQ for Canada and not where the cheese is made. Remember that Kraft is sold right across Canada not like other regional brands like Armstrong here in… Read more »

Fred Dimmick

Your reporting is inaccurate, apparently you can’t differentiate as to whose book it is. Second, copyright laws have not been abrogated by damn social media. If it were my book it’s my choice whether to publish OR not.
How does it become the right of anyone to treat another person’s work as their own?
Very disappointed in your unclear reporting.


Supply management has served Canada better than giving the house away under free trade. Prior to free trade we had for example more meat packing firms across the country creating jobs did we not. Now one plant alone in Alberta, owned by Americans is or was it not, with a lot of imported workers reportedly in the past? Ah yes, free trade , Canada and Canadians giving their shirts away? Sad commentary on Canada’s leaders. Ah heck why should Canadians support jobs for their neighbors, to have jobs, to have pensions to have health care? Ah heck bring a few… Read more »

Allis Chalmers

It is very unfortunate that Canada cannot find a strong leader for the Conservative party. Scheer does not have the strength to lead this country I being a conservative all my life. Less than 10% of agriculture producers are in supply management leaving 80% of producers to compete on a world market. Trump will punish all of Canada while Canada sacrifices thousands of jobs to save supply management.

Bill Donaldson

The issue is not whether Max Bernier is right about ‘supply management. It is about what he does in regard to being a team player in the caucus, whether he is at cross-purposes with the Leader of the Official Opposition. It’s about whether anything he has said or posted has compromised Mr. Scheer’s (and the caucus’) strategy regarding negotiations currently underway to determine whether Nafta remains or not. It’s clear to me that we Conservatives have no chance of ejecting Trudeau and his Liberal government with a party divided over who sits on the front bench and who does not,… Read more »

John MacPherson

Now is not the time to bicker amid all PCs, we should get behind Scheer and push the Liberals out of Canada… Make the Liberal a non party like Ontario!!! I was a Liberal supporter for old man Trudeau until I saw his platform and then it was too late, I never voted Liberal again, I cn’t vote NDP anymore though our MP in our part of the country was an old Navy friend of mine and an honest person, when he retired so di my vote for NDP, especially now… Last election I voted for Harper my first ever… Read more »