Scheer Boots Bernier Out Of Shadow Cabinet

“I have removed Maxime Bernier from the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet, effective immediately,” said Scheer’s office.

Maxime Bernier is no longer the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

He was removed from his role “effective immediately” by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Scheer’s office did not give any reason for Bernier’s removal.

In a statement, Scheer’s office said only “I have removed Maxime Bernier from the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet, effective immediately. The Shadow Minister for Science, Matt Jeneroux, will assume the additional role of shadow minister for innovation, science and economic development on an interim basis.”

Some will speculate that the removal stems from Bernier’s view on supply management. While Bernier almost won the leadership of the Conservatives on a platform that included scrapping supply management, Scheer has pledged to support it, and it has recently come under attack from US President Donald Trump.

Bernier had also won credit from many people for confronting the crazy identity politics of Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes. Bernier was one of the few MPs willing to speak his mind and push back against the victim-narrative that has so weakened our country.

An explanation for Bernier’s removal will need to be given soon, since many Conservatives still support the core principles Bernier fought for, and will be disturbed to see his voice reduced. After all, if the Conservatives are going to portray themselves as defenders of free speech, enforcing ruthless message discipline at the expense of different viewpoints would be highly hypocritical.

Spencer Fernando

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Tommy Hawkt

Do I sense a ‘chip in the paint’? If so, prepare for a wannabe dictator to arise on the Liberal side.

Ron Voss

Bernier’s fortunate that he doesn’t live in a country where the politburo sends you to the gulag for a lack of loyalty to the leader.

Janet M Doherty

Sheerer needed the dairy industry behind him for the leadership and the price … thirty pieces of silver or stand behind policies that make no sense in any world. Sheerer is between a rock and a hard place. If he lies back and takes one for Canada we could end up with the auto industry in tact and looking like he is willing to take it on the chin for the whole country. Bernier is right … a bitter pill.


Bernier’s values are more conservative. I just read the chapter of his book, which he is not going to publish now, defending free trade and against supply management. Too bad, really too bad, he wasn’t voted in as Conservative leader. Who now do I vote for next election. The parties are left, more left, and very left. Ford getting elected is optimistic ……but not enough.


We need to put an END to whipped voting in the House of Commons! Partisanship has been destroying our country for far too long, and governments that rule with less than 40% of the popular vote without any effective opposition must be placed in the history books in 2019! Do our MPs dance to the tunes of the Corporate Agenda, or will they SERVE the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians! This tariff war gives Canadians an opportunity to claim our SOVEREIGN RIGHTS as an Independent country, whose governance is directed by the WILL of a Real Majority of… Read more »

Wendy Lush

No great loss, Max. A ‘shadow cabinet’ is not much of a cabinet.


Max Bernier should have been the PC Leader and won legally until the other candidates quit and gave their vote to Andrew Scheer or I should say “WHO.” You just can’t take him seriously and with that constant funny look on his face and the way he tends to agree with Trudeau is enough to know we are doomed. He is more of a Red Tory and not too bright compared to Bernier. We were robbed of the better choice and one with lots of knowledge especially in finance etc, whereas, Scheer is clueless.