Booting Maxime Bernier From Shadow Cabinet Is A BIG Mistake

Once again, the political establishment seeks to suppress free thinking and individuality.

There is growing outrage over Andrew Scheer’s decision to remove Maxime Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet.

The decision was apparently made because Bernier posted a chapter from his unreleased book discussing supply management on his website – which he had apparently said he wouldn’t do. However, Bernier has pushed back, correctly noting that the book chapter doesn’t say anything that wasn’t already known.

Regardless of what happened behind the scenes, it’s outrageous that Bernier was put in the position of not being able to publish his book in the first place. Is our political system really so weak and fragile that it can’t handle a book?

Plus, millions of Canadians oppose supply management. Are they supposed to have no representation in either the federal cabinet or the opposition shadow cabinet? How is that democratic?

As can be seen by viewing comments online, the decision is massively unpopular.

After all, Bernier won the votes of almost half of Conservatives, so to expect him to suppress his views and turn himself into a talking-point machine is a disgrace.

Adults can disagree, and even people in a cabinet or shadow cabinet don’t have to always think the same way. Bernier would stand behind Scheer on 98% of all political issues, so to boot him over that 2% is incredibly foolish.

For many Conservatives and those who would lean towards that party, Andrew Scheer is still seen as an establishment politician – whether that’s fair or not. By contrast, Bernier is seen as a true political outsider, due to his willingness to speak his mind and take Conservative principles to their logical conclusion.

Having both Scheer and Bernier in positions of influence is beneficial for the Conservatives, even if that means dealing with some tension. The booting of Bernier will cause many of those who support him to feel demoralized, which is a huge risk considering that the Conservatives need to be strong, united, and motivated to defeat the corrupt Trudeau government.

There is still time for Scheer to listen to what the people are saying, reverse his decision, and do the right thing by reinstating Maxime Bernier.

Canada’s political system can handle some free thinking and individuality, and it certainly needs it.

Spencer Fernando

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Vlad Tepes

I am rapidly coming to believe that like in Europe, all the major parties secretly agreed to be identical on major policies such as immigration, and the islamification of Western nations as well as a move towards cultural Marxism and away from rule of law.

My evidence for this would be Stephen Harper’s minister for immigration, Jason Kenney and his literally unprecedented flooding of Canada with muslims right up to J Trudeau’s catastrophic migration efforts.

I think, like Europe, we need an Alternative for Canada Party and now.


I am 100% fed up with those cuckservatives in Ottawa, Bunch of spineless, low energy yes men. Trudeau is incompetent, inexperienced and not even a politician. Any strong leader would cut him to pieces on any subject matter in the House. Scheer is a fraud.

Ron Voss

At his Facebook page Andrew Scheer joins Canadian Muslims in Celebrating Eid al-Fitr, and points out that Muslims “have contributed so much to our shared heritage” and encourages “all Canadians to learn more about Islam and the rich and diverse history of Muslim Canadians”. As far as Islam and its “rich history”, how about over 1400 years since its inception conducting jihad to bring the whole world under Islam and Sharia law. Scheer is pandering for the Muslim vote. I would like somebody to explain how Canada will not follow the same course as European countries.


The Emperor with no clothes just slayed his best general. Oh my God save us.


Who even voted for Scheer? The other candidates gave their 13 votes to him and Scheer is an unknown with no credentials to be PC Leader when Max Bernier was the chosen once. Better to slay the enemy then talk peace. Just looking at Scheer’s face and who can take him seriously? Something is rotten in Denmark as the saying goes and he could be a plant. If the PC’s are to win, Scheer has to go PDQ.


Well said. I don’t know anyone that likes him. Usually, when you don’t like the leader, you don’t vote.

Ron Voss

We needed a bull dog for these perilous times and instead ended up with smiling Cheshire Cat.

Fred Dimmick

Didn’t stop Trudeau though did it? Just look at his face and actions. So don’t be so sure that you know best!

Fred Dimmick

The rights of the many cannot over ride the rights of the individual! That is socialist philosophy, and apparently now the song of journalists.


I hope for him that he changes his mind about Maxime Bernier and that he restores him to his previous position.


Very disappointed in Scheer ! Bernier was the man I’d originally hoped would be PC head honcho. Seemed to have an honesty and strenght of character in debates and interviews that struck me as lacking in Scheer who was doing a soft-shoe. Scheer has since back tracked on some of his earlier positions I felt important. Hummmmm . . .

“A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.”
Mark Twain


Yes, a Big Mistake! The Conservatives are looking sounding and acting much like the Liberals! Is it any wonder that so many people do not exercise their franchise in local, Provincial and Federal elections! It is time to boot the parties from government, and to elect a Non-Partisan Canadian Government that will allow for free and reasoned debate on all issues that we face in this country, including Supply Management which costs Canadian Consumers! I have lost confidence in the Conservatives, in fact all parties in the country for this reason! The WHIP of the General Electorate must be used… Read more »


We need a new conservative type party with strong people and a strong leader. Max should start one if Scheer keeps ousting him.

Norbert Kausen

Could it be that Scheer is Trudeau-lite??


Wow, Conservatives will not listen to common sense. Puppets only listening to these radical groups, dividing us, not The Canadians who care about the whole of Canada. Are the Conservatives now globalist puppets too? When they kept calling Andrew Scheer a socialist Conservative, this worried me, but I realize they have to unite to successfully help Canada if they are elected???? It has become very apparent we need some truth, about the way they plan to lead our country, their platform, or are they just going to follow Trudea’s LIEberals/NDP way. Can we trust this man Andrew Scheer? Mr Harper… Read more »

shawn harris

For Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, being able to speak and fully express yourself has given them great benefits. Most obvious of them all is the election of Andrew Scheer to become the leader of the Conservatives. Yet here we are with Maxime Bernier , who gained almost half of every vote cast in the leadership race, now being told to shut up and sit down and don’t say or do anything unless told by Scheer. That is outrageous that the very freedom that gave Scheer the leadership is now restricted to the shadow cabinet. Because of general knowledge being… Read more »

Dennis R Young

Maxime Bernier was my first pick to lead the Conservative Party. Andrew Sheer didn’t even make my top three.

If we followed Australia’s lead, we could boost the dairy industry and have cheaper milk
by Martha Hall Findlay May 16, 2014
In a three-part series Martha Hall Findlay, executive fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy and a former Liberal MP, has argued that Canada’s system of supply management for dairy farmers should be dismantled. This is part 3.

David MacKAY

Andrew Sheer after Trudeaus G7 Stupidity said he would help Trudeau fight Trump.
This is like Andrew Scheer saying he would help Trudeau fight Harper.
Scheer has just declared himself unelectable and a follower of Canadian Liberalism
I will only support Conservatives like Bernier and MPs who support Bernier
Conservatives need another leadership Convention before the next election.
Ford could win in Ontario and Bernier can win for Canada

Allis Chalmers

It is unfortunate Canada cannot find a strong leader for the conservative party. Scheer is not that man. To sacrifice thousands of jobs with a trade war with Trump to save supply management representing 10% of agriculture producers while 80% of producers compete on the world market.

Sandra W

Sheer is dead wrong on this. He must step up, admit it and reinstate Mr. Bernier to this former position. Leaders are not afraid to reassess and re-adjust their sails when they go off course. To do so is the mark of authentic leadership. Sheer betrayed conservative values by acting exactly as Trudeau did when he banished Liberal MP Scott Simms. If conservatives wanted this type of vile behaviour from our future PM we would just vote Trudeau in again. If Sheer’s action against Bernier was not egregious enough, to add insult to injury, he gave Trudeau assurances that he… Read more »


I am not at all happy with Scheer. Maxime was my first chooce, Scheer was my third. It apoears Mr. Scheer has now slipped even below my 3rd spot. He had better wake up and admit he made a mistake or he will regret it.


Who even heard of Scheer and then the candidates who were out gave their 13 votes to him and why? Scheer is too weak with no credentials to be PC Leader but the Liberals love him? Max Bernier had won and that is when it should have stopped and no passing of any other votes. MP’s should have the right to voice their opinion because sometimes it is for the better, otherwise, why even bother having MP’s and MLA’s. They work for us but can’t do their jobs other then being yes men/women.


Somebody; Anyone out there have a plan?
If Scheer is not the man then who? Are you sure about Bernier?
This has to be settled quickly, Canada cannot survive another 4 years of Liberals with a sh–hole agenda for the country.

Donald J Lester

Maybe not such a big deal. Bernier needs to know when to shut up. Considering his nature, dumping Bernier sooner than rather than later may prove to be the only resolution. Canada’s system of supply management for dairy farmers will someday disappear. The questions that need to be asked, Is another country going to dictate terms of Canadians internal practices? Secondly, Is that country willing to pay for the undoing of Canada’s system of supply management for dairy farmers? The facts are it’s going to cost billions to do so.Period


Scheer was not my choice, but I could see that he had some strengths – but I’m done with the Conservatives as they are nothing more than Liberal Lite. For the first time in my 62 years, where I have voted in every local, provincial and federal election, I’m seriously considering not voting at all.

Just last night I got a phone call from CPC headquarters again asking for money. I gave them a blast of my feelings on this issue. I did not hold back, however I doubt my concerns will be passed through to the leadership.


Good move by Scheer!!! The goal has to be winning in 2019 and Bernier undermining his leader this close to an election is flat-out stupid and a real show of bad judgement. His bickering is taking the heat off Trudeau and undermining the credibility of the Conservatives as a party. Bernier is a me-me-me individualist, and his actions are undermining every Conservative MPs chances at re-election. Look at Michael Chong–he too had a radical idea: a revenue-neutral carbon tax that he floated during his leadership campaign. But he’s keeping his mouth shut now because he is a good team player.… Read more »

Ron Voss

The next Conservative Party National Convention will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in August 23 to 25, 2018.