DEFUND: CBC Runs Garbage Article Saying Doug Ford Only Won Because He’s A Straight White Guy

Why are we paying taxes to fund this garbage?

Whenever you think that the state propaganda broadcaster can’t go any further towards leftist insanity, a new article or story comes along.

And here it is:

A recent article on the CBC website features this headline: “Doug Ford was elected because he’s a ‘white heterosexual man’: Checkup caller

That would certainly be news to the people who voted for Doug Ford and the PCs because they want lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

It would also be news to the supporters of Ford Nation from all backgrounds. In fact, Ford Nation is one of the most diverse political coalitions in Canadian history, and best of all, that coalition is based upon shared values that bring people together, not identity politics that split people into separate groups.

But the CBC doesn’t care about that. They saw a chance to run a divisive piece that’s chock-full of extreme identity politics and they took it.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Delores Mullings didn’t mince words when asked what she thought about Doug Ford leading the Ontario Progressive Conservatives to a majority government this week. “It makes me feel quite hopeless for the people of Ontario and for Canada in general,” Mullings told Cross Country Checkup host Duncan McCue. On Sunday, Checkup opened the phone lines for reaction to Ford’s win during Thursday’s provincial election. Some believe Ford’s success signals a rise in populism in the province. Mullings, an African-Canadian social work professor at Memorial University in St. John’s, called from Niagara Falls, Ont. where she cares for her mother. She sees his victory differently. “I believe Mr. Ford got elected only because he happens to be a white, heterosexual man,” she told McCue.”

There was also this gem:

‘”As a white, heterosexual man, he really doesn’t have to legitimize himself for people to believe his story and to vote for him,” she said.”

Of course, we know that Ford faced the most negative media coverage perhaps in Canadian history, yet still won.

Only CBC could take that fact – plus the fact of Ford’s support from people of all backgrounds – and find an angle in which to say it was all about him being a straight white guy.

Notice also how CBC feels fine focusing on gender, race, and sexual orientation in this case, but if someone said anything similar about other groups they would be shredded by the left as ‘racist,’ ‘homophobic’ and ‘sexist.’

Once again the left has a totally hypocritical double-standard.

The worst thing about all of this is that we’re paying for this garbage. We don’t even get a choice. Our tax dollars are taken from us and given to the CBC who then publish divisive identity politics screeds like this one.

Surely, there are far better uses for our tax dollars than to fund garbage state run propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

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