DEFUND: CBC Runs Garbage Article Saying Doug Ford Only Won Because He’s A Straight White Guy

Why are we paying taxes to fund this garbage?

Whenever you think that the state propaganda broadcaster can’t go any further towards leftist insanity, a new article or story comes along.

And here it is:

A recent article on the CBC website features this headline: “Doug Ford was elected because he’s a ‘white heterosexual man’: Checkup caller

That would certainly be news to the people who voted for Doug Ford and the PCs because they want lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

It would also be news to the supporters of Ford Nation from all backgrounds. In fact, Ford Nation is one of the most diverse political coalitions in Canadian history, and best of all, that coalition is based upon shared values that bring people together, not identity politics that split people into separate groups.

But the CBC doesn’t care about that. They saw a chance to run a divisive piece that’s chock-full of extreme identity politics and they took it.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Delores Mullings didn’t mince words when asked what she thought about Doug Ford leading the Ontario Progressive Conservatives to a majority government this week. “It makes me feel quite hopeless for the people of Ontario and for Canada in general,” Mullings told Cross Country Checkup host Duncan McCue. On Sunday, Checkup opened the phone lines for reaction to Ford’s win during Thursday’s provincial election. Some believe Ford’s success signals a rise in populism in the province. Mullings, an African-Canadian social work professor at Memorial University in St. John’s, called from Niagara Falls, Ont. where she cares for her mother. She sees his victory differently. “I believe Mr. Ford got elected only because he happens to be a white, heterosexual man,” she told McCue.”

There was also this gem:

‘”As a white, heterosexual man, he really doesn’t have to legitimize himself for people to believe his story and to vote for him,” she said.”

Of course, we know that Ford faced the most negative media coverage perhaps in Canadian history, yet still won.

Only CBC could take that fact – plus the fact of Ford’s support from people of all backgrounds – and find an angle in which to say it was all about him being a straight white guy.

Notice also how CBC feels fine focusing on gender, race, and sexual orientation in this case, but if someone said anything similar about other groups they would be shredded by the left as ‘racist,’ ‘homophobic’ and ‘sexist.’

Once again the left has a totally hypocritical double-standard.

The worst thing about all of this is that we’re paying for this garbage. We don’t even get a choice. Our tax dollars are taken from us and given to the CBC who then publish divisive identity politics screeds like this one.

Surely, there are far better uses for our tax dollars than to fund garbage state run propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What is wrong with this world? AND this is our tax dollars at work!!


Doug Ford won……who cares what Mullins says.

Elmer Doell

Wrong Delores! He was elected because of the despicable actions of Wynne and her bunch of bandits!!!
Perverse sex education in public schools, massive debt and corruption within the party, etc.,etc.!

The people spoke!!



Straight white pride! Sorry am I aloud to be proud of who I am? Will someone from the left answer this question? But only if you are a straight white guy. Thanks


We have given a way too much power to the PMO, and Partisan Governments with narrow agendas that serve the debasement of society!

A Real Majority of Ontarions, and Canadians for that matter, reject what CBC promotes, and reject the notion that the government of the day can use publicly funded media to advance its cause!

CBC should be defunded, and lose its journalistic licence!


Let’s see now – she claims to be employed at a University in St. John’s but is caring for her mother in Ontario. Is she getting paid but isn’t at work or is this interprovincial social work?

I suspect she is scamming the system, possibly taking paid time off? For how long?


Jason Vermes has a Twitter account. Since his article makes no room for comments, go there & let him know how you feel. I did. It reminds me of a little boy spitting at the big boys feet, talking his tail and running away.

Ron Voss

Surely, there are far better uses for our tax dollars than to fund garbage state run propaganda. Indeed, nothing aggravates me more than knowing that some of my tax dollars go to supporting this leftwing propaganda. Sadly, when CPC MP and CPC leadership candidate Brad Trost brought forward a private member’s bill to privatize the CBC only 4-5 other CPC MPs supported his bill, the other CINOs either abstained or voted against his bill.


We were sick of the Liberals, and of Wynne’s doubling down on McSquinty’s disastrous policies. Like you said, it was people of all stripes who voted the bums out. Was Wynne elected because she was a white, lesbian, female? Was McQuinty elected because HE was a white, heterosexual, male? Was TRUDEAU elected because HE was a white, heterosexual, male (with nice hair)? It drives me nuts that a social-work professor at a University, complains to an Aboriginal talk show host on the Canadian version of Pravda, both being paid by our taxes, essentially calls me a racist. Enough of this… Read more »


Well the racist hate filled media for White Canadians, and paid for by With our tax dollars, the Lieberals/NDP are very sad, Lets face it Trudeau is white? Straight?? feminist?? a man??? so is that why he was elected?? This whole dividing racist mess caused by the foreign fake puppet elite rulers, does nothing to unify our country and make it strong again, these people not here to care for this once great country should leave please, those who want to unify together should stay and we can work together to make a good peaceful country. This government, Lieberal/NDP ?… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Harper’s biggest mistake was not selling off that useless POS racist, bigoted, sexist TV station. If they are as popular as they say they are, then they should be able to stand on their own two feet.

Ron Werner

Can you see the headline…Wynne wins because she a lesbian. No, neither can I.
But a white heterosexual male? Heaven forbid!! Unless he’s a feminist puppet with good hair, falling off eyebrows, and the right last name.

Gordon E Surbey

Long past time to defund the CBC, sell it off, and let the marketplace determine it’s future.


So in other words, everyone who voted PC last week is a homophobe or misogynist? Were Ontario voters unaware about Wynne’s gender and sexual orientation in 2014, when they gave her a majority government, even after the PCs were expected to win?

Typical left wing garbage. They can’t possibly have lost due to their tax and spend policies, it has to be because people won’t vote for a lesbian! Just like Hillary continues to blame everyone but herself for her defeat.

Oh, and as bad as the CBC is, CTV is even worse. Way worse.


The CBC ran an article that expressed the viewpoint of a caller. Nowhere in the article do they endorse the viewpoint of that caller.


Maybe but why run that thpe of story at all unless the CBC wants to plant the idea in the minds of the many voters who are as shallow as our Prime Minister. I saw nothing of the sort from CBC when lesbian Wynne won. Crass double standard. Everyone should flood the CBC’s Ombudsman with e-mail complaining about bias on this story and Barton’s treatment of Max Bernier.


‘racist,’ ‘homophobic’ and ‘sexist.’
But that is exactly what cbc is all about but ARE AFRAID TO SAY SO so they blame others for that same outburst>
‘racist,’ ‘homophobic’ and ‘sexist.’
Cbc has become ‘a dark evil place’ where those who are not part of that evil group should remove themselves immediately.
The money might be great but their conscience and sanity is greater. It is not worth your sanity to work in such infested Cbc environment .

Kathy Henderson

This is ridiculous reporting. CBC must work for the Liberals. This is just trash talk from immature people whowere never taught how to lose gracefully. Ford had an uphill battle and worked hard to get in. It never crossed my mind what his sexual preference was. I have no idea what the sexual preferences of the other party leaders either. Why is the Liberal government and associates working so hard at dividing Canadians? I’m so tired of hearing the race card and gender card pulled everytime someone doesnt get their own way. In this day and age people are being… Read more »


Sad CBC very sad. Our country is being abused, twisted and using our own taxpayers dollars. WE need to expose more of how the fake news media like CBC and others work.

Melanie Greenham

Delores Mullins is a body builder and professor and whose facebook timeline reflects all sorts of “White Privilege” indoctrination crap.
Here is her profile:

I for one, am sick and tired of being accused of imaginary injustices. Neither she nor I were alive to commit atrocities or other forms of hate and enslavement to each other, and I\m tired of being blamed for past deeds done by long dead people.


Andrew Scheer said in the past, if elected as Prime Minister he will get rid of CBC News and I don’t blame him, News should be unbiased, with no opinions whatsoever. CBC news is a joke, look how they said the Ontario elections were neck and neck and clearly it wasn’t. The only way I could figure to keep the CBC News is to sell it and pass a law that no national news stations can be placed on the stock market, because once it is, it will be bought up by one of the international media companies and we’ll… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Hey hey, ho ho
The CBC has got to go ..

Wendy Lush

Robert says:
June 14, 2018 at 6:54 am

“The CBC ran an article that expressed the viewpoint of a caller. Nowhere in the article do they endorse the viewpoint of that caller.”

No they didn’t, but it’s implied that they do. You have to read between the lines.

Jeff Chevalier

But the CBC gives us 25 different versions of Anne of green gables. How can we give that up!


Defund CBC…..NOW!


A straight white guy – just like Justin Trudeau.


Racist Heterophobe. Shameful. Now the same fate for Justine Castreau. Then cancel Government funding of the CanadianBSCorporation propaganda machine.


What just a second. Why are you trying to portray this as being an article written by the CBC instead of it being the opinion of one single caller to a radio program? A little disingenuous, don’t you think? Yes, the caller’s opinion is ridiculous (especially since we just had a female, openly gay Premier), but the show features opinions and perspectives of everyday, Canadian citizens. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard.