Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Is A Huge Gift To Donald Trump

While Justin Trudeau acts like he’s fighting the US, the carbon tax he’s forcing on Canadians is a massive economic gift to our southern neighbour.

If a country deliberately introduced a policy that made doing business more and more expensive every year and pushed investment to their neighbour, that neighbour would be justified in seeing that policy as a massive gift.

And if that was happening, it would strain credibility to think that the leaders of the country imposing that costly policy were really trying to fight or compete with their neighbour – regardless of their rhetoric.

Instead, it would be pretty clear that they were giving that neighbour a huge gift, taking wealth from their own people and sending it the other country.

Well, that’s exactly what’s going on with Trudeau’s carbon tax.

The carbon tax rips money out of the pockets of Canadians by making everything more expensive. And that increased expense means that it’s far tougher to do business here. As a result investment falls and goes elsewhere. And since the massive US market – with lower business taxes and no carbon tax – is right next door, that’s where the investment and the jobs flows towards.

It was all easily predictable, because this is just basic economics. If you make it more expensive to invest in one place, investment won’t just magically disappear, it will just move.

And that’s what’s happening. Investments and job growth are surging in the United States, while Canada lost jobs for the past two months and has suffered a severe investment collapse ever since the Trudeau Liberals took power and moved towards imposing the carbon tax.

Numerous businesses in Canada have shifted investment and jobs to the US, and that will only continue as the carbon tax grows and grows year by year.

Trudeau gives a gift to Donald Trump

This means that – far from really confronting Donald Trump – Justin Trudeau is giving him a huge gift. Trudeau is making it far easier for the US to get investment and jobs from Canada.

What makes this even worse is that all it would take to reverse this damaging trend is for Trudeau to repeal the carbon tax. But he refuses to do so, giving Trump and the US a huge economic gift at the expense of Canadian taxpayers and Canadian businesses.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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