So Much For Unity: Trudeau Goes Back To Attacking Conservatives

Justin rips Conservatives for proposing changes to marijuana legislation – even though that’s the job of the Senate.

After some rare moments of political unity, Justin Trudeau has gone back to attacking the Conservatives.

While speaking about marijuana legislation, Trudeau accused the Conservatives of playing “games” by proposing changes to the legislation in the Senate.

Of course, proposing changes in the Senate is part of how Canada’s democracy is supposed to function.

As noted by iPolitics, Trudeau said “It’s been months that Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, has been telling his Senate caucus — the senators that he still controls — to play games, to slow this down, to interfere with the will of the House, with the commitment made by a duly elected government in an election campaign, and it’s time he stops using his senators this way.”

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole pushed back:

“I don’t think [Trudeau’s comment] is fair, considering how the prime minister has been appointing last-minute senators – the pot senators, some call them – to get his bill through. There are valid concerns from healthcare, from law enforcement about homegrown pot. I think the prime minister should listen. What is the rush? I think we’re all willing to see legalization but let’s not rush it out the gate not ready.”

Trudeau ends moment of unity

Trudeau’s partisan attack on the Conservatives signals that he believes the moment of unity the country experienced in the wake of the trade comment disputes with the US is at an end.

It’s back to normal unfortunately, as Trudeau has shown that his partisanship can’t be held in check for long, and he’s willing to attack the opposition for the ‘offence’ of using our Parliamentary system the way it’s supposed to be used.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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