Twitter Poll: 72% Oppose Removal Of Maxime Bernier From Shadow Cabinet

Over 1,800 people voted.

With the removal of Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Shadow Cabinet generating a strong backlash online, I created a Twitter poll to see what people think about it. The results can be seen below:

When asked “Do you support Andrew Scheer’s decision to remove Maxime Bernier from the Shadow Cabinet?” just 14% said yes, while 72% said no. 14% said “not sure.”

While this is not an official poll, many of the people who follow me on Twitter are strong Conservatives, and these results certainly represent what many people are thinking.

After all, since it’s unlikely that any polling company will do a poll on this issue, the Twitter survey is a great way to get the pulse of the people.

1,846 people voted in total, and the poll was seen by 12,202 people.

Many people expressed concern that Bernier was being punished for sharing his position on supply management – even though his position is far closer to core Conservative principles than that being advocated by Scheer.

Others pointed out that Bernier nearly won the Conservative leadership and has tons of supporters, meaning that removing him from the Shadow Cabinet role could risk splitting the party.

Clearly, there is tremendous anger over what happened to Bernier, and the best thing the Conservatives could do would be to listen to what people are saying and reinstate him ASAP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Werner

Tells you where Sheer stands.
Once again coming into an election with NO ONE to vote for. I cant ask who is the Best person for the job. I have to ask who will do the least damage!! At this point im not sure.


Agree with you you are correct, who can we vote for?

Dave Bainard

[email protected] Mail Andrew and tell him to put Max back.

John Boyle

He has done nothing wrong.This is starting to sound like the liberal way! Regardless of what anybody thinks supply management may have to at least modified. There is so much money wasted on other countries and foolish stuff that the diary an poultry farmers could be subsidized if necessary .

don morris

Bernier is the person I wanted to lead the CPC, as he is more libertarian than the Ottawa baby Andrew Scheer who is still in “stunned” mode at becoming leader of the official Opposition, a position he probably never dreamed of when he was a high school kid starting his career in politics. Scheer is a fervent believer in The System, and will never create anything that makes political waves, he is as many critics have said, Joe Clarke 2,and his current position of standing “with MY Prime Minister ” on the Trump issue further weakens the CPC case, which… Read more »

Chaz Martel

Yes, I support his removal. Maxine Bernier was a loose cannon and a disloyal member of Stephen Harper’s cabinet, now he turns right around and become a disloyal member of Andrew Scheer’s shadow cabinet.

In politics as in life, your word and your loyalty are your bond. Bernier keeps on proving he is a snake in the grass.


Agree….when trouble is brewing, it is best to cut it out.


Exactly a snake! AND … I think this has been Liberal fed also to pit supporters against Scheer.

Ron Voss

At his Facebook page Scheer claims that “the CPC is bigger, stronger, and more united than ever!” I don’t think so! Need to get rid of Scheer and the elite in the upper echelons of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Ron Voss

Great, Spencer! Nothing can be louder than this poll! We want Maxime Bernier.


I have to admit I did not trust Maxime Bernier, but I now do not trust Andrew Sheer, maybe they belong in the Lieberal/NDP globalist party, Saying this makes me really wonder, how, taken over by the globalists are we?? We need a Strong independent Prime Minister, that is against this destructive globalism, and can repair Canada’s finances, and obviously better laws to protect our borders and our Canadian people (like Mr. Harper was trying to do) some one who can unify Canada, we may have our own ways but we want to work together be strong and independent etc,… Read more »

Anjela Richard

Max said in an email this morning “If you still wanted me to continue to champion our conservative principles of freedom and small government in Ottawa, and would help me do it.” He is obviously still supporting the Conservatives with Scheer at the helm. Why can’t you?
Enough with the Scheer derangement syndrome!

chris malmstrom

as a Conservative Party member, I voted for Bernier first and Scheer second…now I know I was right. Scheer is taking the “safe” approach, where Max had alot of fresh and innovative ideas.