Andrea Horwath Is Already Attacking Doug Ford, Even Before He Takes Office

The radical NDP isn’t even waiting until the PCs are sworn-in to start the demonization campaign.

Ontario socialist NDP leader Andrea Horwath is off to a quick start when it comes to attacking Doug Ford, not even waiting until he takes office.

As reported by the Toronto Red Star (who are still in mourning after failing to stop Ford) Horwath told her newly elected MPPs “People are pretty worried about what Doug Ford has in store, and so am I,” said Horwath.

She added, “The majority of Ontarians did not vote for cuts to health care or layoffs to more nurses and more teachers or the privatization of the things that matter most to all of us. New Democrats — we will be the voice for all those Ontarians. We will hold Doug Ford accountable for each and every decision that he makes.”

Horwath is showing tremendous arrogance by trying to make it seem like she represents the majority of Ontarians, considering that she lost the election.

The PCs got way more votes than the NDP, and most voters rejected the socialists once they realized how radical the party really was.

Also, Ford was clear during the campaign about what his plans were, yet Horwath is keeping up the same rhetoric she used in the campaign, despite how that rhetoric failed to stop Ford Nation.

It seems the Ontario NDP are planning four years of radical resistance and demonization of the Ford government, and have failed to get the message that voters rejected socialism in the last campaign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It was so expected, the same game socialists played on all Conservative governments, NDP/Lieberals lie, our media lies and protects these radicalized people. They think it’s alright to destroy our country with their pig troughing and stealing while borrowing to pay for all their un-freebies to collapse us financially, as one man just said to me “50% of Ontario works for the government, 30% live on welfare and the other 20% work in the private sector and pay for everything”?? , not quite that bad yet, but getting that way fast. I know Doug Ford wants to stop this horrible… Read more »


Why didn’t the Demonic, Lying Andrea Horwach NOT keep Kathleen Wynne and her Lying, Crooked Band of Thieves to Account?? No, the NDP Voted along with the Lieberals 95% of the time. Doug Ford will keep the Socialists in their Place. The Province of Ontario has Spoken Loud and Clear. We do NOT Want or Like Socialists. The PC’s have the Majority! Andrea Horwach must have Forgotten that!

Roger Shelswell

The NDP party should be banned from our country. They are nothing but dirty radicle communist`s. Our ancestors fought and died to stop the spread of this terrible disease in our country.Why do we now allow this trash to form the opposition? We are supposed to live in a free country bat not when it concerns the invasion 0f the enemy and communism is the enemy.