Conservatives Push For Marathon House Of Commons Votes To End Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Coverup

There could be up to 30 hours of votes, as the Conservatives do everything possible to stop the Trudeau Liberals from hiding the truth from Canadians.

The Conservatives are trying again to get the Trudeau government to stop hiding the cost of the carbon tax from Canadians.

They’re planning a filibuster in the House of Commons, which could lead to up to 30 hours of voting.

It’s a pressure tactic that has become necessary since the Trudeau Liberals disgracefully refuse to reveal what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families.

According to Global News, “Pierre Poilievre, the party’s finance critic, announced the pending filibuster as he rose to speak on an opposition motion submitted by him that asked the government to table the cost of its proposed carbon tax by June 22, which is the day the House of Commons is scheduled to rise for summer holidays.”

Despite their election-time pledge to run the most “open and transparent” government of all time, Trudeau and his corrupt cronies are now demanding the right to impose a massive new tax on Canadians – without telling us how much that tax will cost us.

Of course, if the cost was low, they would be glad to release it, which means the Liberals are hiding the real cost of the tax because it will be much bigger and more damaging than anyone expects, and they are scared of the political backlash.

If the Conservative filibuster can force Trudeau to tell Canadians the truth it will be worth it, but given Trudeau’s history of endless lies, it’s far more likely that he’ll keep hiding the truth from Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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