DECEPTION: Growing Evidence Justin Trudeau Is Misleading Canadians About Trade War For His Selfish Political Gain

Trudeau and his advisors may see this as an opportunity to distract from the weakening Canadian economy, and reverse his growing unpopularity – regardless of the damage it does to the Canadian people.

The establishment consensus surrounding the trade war between Canada and the US is starting to get some pushback.

And the closer people look, the more it seems that Justin Trudeau has been misleading Canadians about what’s really going on, in an attempt to put his own political interests ahead of the interests of the Canadian people.

Amazingly, even a clip from the CBC cast some doubt on what’s really happening by revealing info that wasn’t being discussed before.

The clip notes that Donald Trump had agreed to the key demand of Canadian negotiators on NAFTA, by dropping his push for a “sunset clause” that would make the agreement need renewal every 5 years. Canadian negotiators had repeatedly said that the sunset clause was a red line in negotiations, and Trump dropping it was a big concession.

In fact, it appears that both sides were very close to an agreement, and left the G7 with a feeling of goodwill. But then, things turned south. Here’s how it went down:

In between the good meetings and the Trump tweets was Trudeau’s press conference – which didn’t mention anything about the sunset clause in the negotiations.

As you can see, this is very different from the general message the Trudeau government has been pushing.

And it appears that Justin Trudeau isn’t willing to provide details about what actually happened in his meeting with Trump, for fear of undercutting his preferred messaging:

“WHOA! So, @AndrewScheer just twice asked @JustinTrudeau if @POTUS had offered to remove the sunset clause from the NAFTA negotiations. He skated around that – he won’t confirm or deny that Trump made the offer and then made a joke about @POTUS’s tweets. For real.”

These revelations have led more and more people to question what Trudeau and his cronies are telling the Canadian people. Even Charles Adler – who has been strongly defending Trudeau and condemning Trump – is raising some questions:

“I have trouble trusting the garbled words of @JustinTrudeau & the acerbic language of @realDonaldTrump But if it’s true #Trump offered to waive the #SunsetClause in #NAFTA & #Trudeau & his team missed a critcal concession from the U-S or deliberaately misled Cdns about it,”

“if the team refused to take yes for an answer from & instead had news conferencing about being “pushed around” I can get, whether I trust him or not, why the American President would go volcanic, thinking to himself on that plane ride to Singapore”

“that lying punk #Trudeau He doesn’t know from pushing around. I’ll show him. And I’ll make his people understand how expensive it is to have a weak liar leading their country, firing his his water pistol at #Trump”

“Adler added, Let’s be clear. If the story of Canada being denied concessions on #NAFTA is false & #Trudeau is scamming us, his gov’t will get #Wynned Cdns don’t like being pushed around by our own gov’t exploiting our patriotism. But we need more info before this thing becomes #G7Scam”

Does Trudeau want a trade war?

Of course, as noted by Michelle Rempel, Trudeau could have easily cleared this up by answering Scheer’s question. He didn’t.

This inevitably raises doubts in the minds of Canadians, and contributes to the growing evidence that Justin Trudeau is trying to deceive our country about the Trade War.

It seems Trudeau wants a trade war, and why would that be the case?

The Trudeau Liberals had to be crapping their pants when they saw the Doug Ford PCs absolutely decimate the Liberals in Ontario. They also can see people turning against the carbon tax, and the economy heading in the wrong direction.

So, what’s the perfect way to distract from all of that? A trade fight against Donald Trump.

While Trudeau is not responsible for the rhetoric used by Trump, it would not at all be surprising to find out that Justin Trudeau and his advisors are seeking to get into a trade fight with the Trump Administration for their own political benefit.

That would be incredibly disgusting, because he would be exploiting the united front of people from across the political spectrum to boost his own image and power.

After all, Justin Trudeau has shown a repeated willingness to act against the interests of the Canadian people, and he has lied constantly since taking office. So, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to find out that he’s taking advantage of the Patriotism of Canadians by lying to us about the Trade War for his own political advantage. His refusal to clear up something that should be very simple will cause those doubts to grow even more among Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I will be forwarding this blog to my email distribution list. There are a few liberals on that list and I hope they become a lot more curious about their soy boy, Justin Trudeau.


Not at all surprised, He has been lying to Canadians since before he got in to be our ” self called ruler” , just as his father did? What I cannot believe is that anyone would vote for this and I still believed the election was rigged as we had a real caring Canadian government, really fixing the huge mess the Lieberal/NDP make, I never thought ever that the Right Honorable Mr. Harper, the best Prime Minister, in my old life, Canada has ever had, he was respected around the world, you could trust his words, would not be re-elected,… Read more »


You mean rigelected


I agree, Mr Harper was 100% better, Than our crime Minister Trudeau, he is trying to put all blame on Mr Trump, to make himself look big. Mr Harper and Mr Trump are men where Trudeau is a pathetic child.


I see Trudeau as grade 5 schoolboy refusing to do his homework.


This SOB is willing to sacrifice this amazing country just to make himself feel good. He doesn’t care how badly he damages “the middle class and those working hard to join it”. He has made himself one of the most hated people in this country, easily equal to Clifford Olson.

Trudeau is disgusting, dangerous and offensive.


You are absolutely right!


“That would be incredibly disgusting, because he would be exploiting the united front of people from across the political spectrum to boost his own image and power.” I don’t know why anybody would be surprised that he’s doing this. I guess we all just think that there will be limits to how low he can go. Like we were for Obama, we’re all left guessing as to whether or not Justin Trudeau’s actions were performed out of arrogant political hubris or just plain stupidity. Regardless of which it is, the little whispers going on in the back of Justin’s mind… Read more »


The sooner this dont is gone the better for all of us. Never ever havenI seen such an incompetent unethical bunch! Once we’re rid of him forensic accountants need to be brought in. His failure to tell Canadians where our 7.5 billion is being spent is another huge “red flag”! There is something seriously wrong and Canadians must not allow this motley crew a second term. They should be reduced to no status.

David MacKAY

Both Canadians and Americans fail to realize Justin Trudeau is a Red Diaper Baby his Grandparents the Sincliars were personal friends with Fidel Castro who used to visit them in Vancouver. Justin Trudeau admires Chez Guevera as well as the late Hugo Chavez. Trudeau is moving to make the energy industry as unatractive as possible to Investors and hopes to nationalize Canada’s energy sector. He cannot do that while on good terme wiht the United States. Justins father Pierre Trudeau when Primeminister had tried to do the same move to tax/nationalize the Canadian Energy industry in the early 1980’s and… Read more »


Nothing this inept moron does surprises me anymore. He is bent on destroying Canada in whatever way he can. How can we let this go on? All you legal people out there….isn’t there anything we can do to get him out RIGHT now? He will destroy us completely, and make enemies out of our best neighbor and trading partner. HELP….


I knew this from the first day he mention his support for ISIS and terrorists was announce that Canadians were and still are not a priority to hold neither their jobs; just as long he continues his support for evil radicalism.
Jihadi Justin Trudeau is never to be trusted in anything. THAT IS WHY I TRUST TRUMP.


Trump is a real man who defends his country fiercely against evil.
Jihadi Justin Trudeau supports evil fiercely against canada.

Moe S.

Why should Canadians be shocked to hear Trudeau is ‘scamming’ us regarding NAFTA and the G7 summit meeting. I believe Trump accurately pegged Trudeau a “dishonest & weak” person. Trudeau, a Kindergarten drama teacher assigns Minister of Trade Christia Freeland, a former journalist, who wrote a book entitled ‘Plutocrats’, who has no MBA or degree in Business Finance to head the NAFTA negotiations. Does anyone else see the obvious? Both are in over their heads, so let’s make Trump look like the bad guy because NO likes him anyway.

Scott Morgan

Turdeau and his corrupt minions have been nothing but lying to the public since his first day as PM. Each day Canadian’s show less trust and respect for him and his government’s “policies” This shows personally I have more trust and respect for a used balled up piece of toilet paper than I do for Turdeau. Let’s face it Trump prevails on this, just as his policies are in MAGA. Lets do the sam for Canada, make Canada great again, double flush Turdeau and company immediately.

Linda Querel

I suspected what was really going on almost immediately. It was planned. Trump gave in on the sunset clause, it was well excepted, it was all smiles and hugs and Trudeau turns around after Trump leaves and says we won’t be pushed around. It was backhanded and a lie. Trudeau, Freeland are playing the Canadians for their own agenda.


Trudeau is the worst enemy of Canada! Trudeau is a globalist liar, and a cheat. He is trying to destroy our country, just like the liberals in Europe and The USA.

kevin radio

politics isn’t about picking the smartest leader anymore; it seems that modern society mixed with social media has fueled the need for entertainment and shifted what we see as an ideal leader; into a pop/entertainment star. Having people of this personality type as the Primeminister, or POTUS, are terrible role models for the modern generation. We, as a society, need to use our collective intelligence, to inform the public of the need to elect individuals who represent the common person. No more of these career politicians and family friends. Vote for a politician with an honest heart, and a true… Read more »


That is what happens when a school kid is running a country. That’s why nobody should vote below the age of 25 until they know what is going on in politics. Who cares if a school kid has nice hair, I would rather have jobs for all Canadians who want to work.


Now its beginning to make sense.
I didn’t think Trump was dumb enough to scuttle the negotiations with Canada. Now this comes forward..this little prick is trying to crown himself King!
Surley, there has to be some legal re-course the Canadian people can take to save our country.
Doesn’t this sound like treason?

Relio Green

Lots of half-baked conspiracy theories here, and lots of childish name calling.

If you want Trudeau out, then get off your butts and vote next time. You don’t have to like him or his work, but don’t piss and moan about his election as if he didn’t win legitimately.

I’m ashamed to be a conservative right now because so many of my so called brothers and sisters have rotten attitudes and chips on their shoulders.

Rick M

Funniest thing I’ve read in sometime, thank you.