The Supply Management Grocery Tax Hurts Poor Canadians The Worst

According to the Montreal Economic Institute, Supply Management pushes up to 190,000 Canadians into poverty.

As all political parties pledge their fealty to supply management, it’s worth realizing that the term “Supply Management” is grossly deceptive.

In fact, considering the impact supply management has on Canadians, it is really a Grocery Tax.

So, it should be referred to as the “SUPPLY MANAGEMENT GROCERY TAX.”

The Supply Management Grocery Tax hurts Canadians, particularly poorer Canadians.

In fact, according to the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI), the Supply Management Grocery Tax pushes up to 190,000 Canadians into poverty:

Here’s what the MEI said in a release:

“Supply management hits the poorest Canadian families the hardest by forcing them to pay $339 more per year to feed themselves,” explains Vincent Geloso, economist and co-author of the publication. “These measures are highly regressive, costing poor families five times more than rich families, in proportion to their incomes.”

The authors’ calculations show that a considerable number of Canadians are hurt by supply management. Using different thresholds measuring economic vulnerability, an estimated 133,032 to 189,278 Canadians find themselves in poverty because of this system.

“Supply management protects 13,500 Canadian producers of dairy, poultry, and eggs, but this represents just one eighth of all the farms in the country,” argues Alexandre Moreau, Public Policy Analyst at the MEI and co-author of the Viewpoint. “While it may help certain farms, supply management hurts 35 million Canadian consumers who are forced to pay higher prices.”

So, when the elites defend the Supply Management Grocery Tax, they are really defending a tax on groceries that pushes Canadians into poverty and takes money out of our pockets.

That’s why letting them get away with calling it just “Supply Management” is a big mistake.


Spencer Fernando

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Spencer this is not worthy of mention, 190,000 people of a population of say 36,000,000 and at a cost them a dollar per day? The supply management keep a stable price in our Canadian market for the farmers.

brian dougan


You’ve swallowed the propaganda. Read the academic studies condemning this Soviet style government control. Stable prices my rear; it only benefits a very small group of (mostly) Quebec dairy farmers. It’s a rigged system, and profits only a few.


It costs 36,000,000 Canadians at least a dollar a day because everyone gets ripped off. This is blatant protectionism. If an egg farmer or milk producer can’t compete on a level playing field they shouldn’t be in the business. All it does is keep a stable HIGH price on our food. 36 million Canadians at a dollar a day equals a scam of $13,140,000,000 or over $13 billion every year.

Supply management is just a feel good term for price fixing which is illegal in Canada.


There used to be laws that protected Canadians from this, no Canadian industry could control sales in more than a certain percentage of the population, which gave everyone a chance to make a comfortable living and these smaller companies.had to treat their employees, quality and prices fair and honest or another new or competing company would move in with better quality and prices. This was lost many years ago, with rich foreign conglomerates (with rich shareholders controlling it all) moving in and now this is the new norm and quality goes down so the shareholders make more money on their… Read more »


Spencer could not be more right . Though the subject is far from new, all Canadians really should refer to it as the grocery or food tax. At least qualify the fancy name as he says with ”tax”. I was disappointed during the conservative leadership race that Andrew was in favor of this commie like cartel , seems he hasnt changed his mind . But if a critical mass of citizens understand how creepy this program is things could change but first we need the media to do their part or this grocery tax will continue since the Canadian dairy… Read more »