Twitter Poll: 54% Oppose Supply Management

Even after the poll was retweeted by tons of Supply Management supporters, the majority still opposed it.

The Supply Management lobby is very well organized.

That could be seen from what happened after I tweeted out a poll asking whether people support or oppose supply management.

Many supply management supporters quickly retweeted the poll, in order to get their followers to vote “Yes” to supply management.

The poll spread quickly, and ended up being seen by 12,581 people, and there was a total of 1,544 votes.

Here are the results:

54% said NO to supporting supply management, 36% said YES, and 10% said not sure.

So, even with the attempt by supply management supporters to get people to vote ‘yes,’ more people opposed it.

And then, in the comments, some started sharing supply management talking points, trying to make it seem like supply management helps all farmers and creates ‘fair prices.’

Of course, supply management only helps a very small minority of farmers, and in fact excludes thousands of farmers who could get into the industry if restrictions were lifted.

Even worse, supply management is a food tax on Canadians, and it especially hurts the poorest families in our country. It massively drives up the cost of dairy products – which are staple items that everybody needs. Because of that, supply management makes people poorer, and impacts tens of millions of Canadians negatively.

Despite the pathetic cowardice of the political establishment, many people are waking up, and these poll results show more and more people are questioning the false-consensus imposed by the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter