DESPICABLE: Liberal MP Omar Alghabra Attacks Conservatives As Islamophobic For House Of Commons Votes On Eid – Even Though The Liberals Scheduled The Vote Timing

Alghabra shows there are no depths the Liberals won’t descend to in order to divide Canadians for their own political benefit.

Liberal MP Omar Alghabra is making a fool of himself on Twitter as the House of Commons goes through marathon votes, and is showing the truly disgusting and disgraceful divisiveness of his party.

He’s accusing the Conservatives of being Islamophobic for – wait for it – having marathon votes in the House of Commons to get the Liberals to reveal the cost of the carbon tax to Canadians.

Yet, because the vote is happening on Eid, an important religious day for Muslims, he’s trying to demonize the Conservatives.

But here’s where it gets more absurd: The timing of the votes was decided by – you guessed it – the Liberals. It was the Liberal House Leader who scheduled the timing of the vote.

Despite that fact, Alghabra keeps making a fool of himself. Here are his terrible tweets, and some responses to them:

“Eid Mubarak, friends! I wish I could celebrate it with you but @AndrewScheer couldn’t set aside partisanship for 1 day and is forcing votes for 30 hrs straight on one of the holiest days for Muslims!”

“This is both incorrect & disappointing @OmarAlghabra – the first vote tonight at 10:30PM is due to the Liberal led schedule & Liberal mandates late night sitting. I think you should apologize for misleading people.”

“Does that mean we will finish voting before the end of the night out of respect for the holidays, ? Is going to be here to show leadership?”

“It is clear you recognize that your tweet was misleading Omar. Considering the context you really should just apologize.”

“You don’t believe Islamophobia exists! You disrespect the importance of Eid! You will be voting all night against funding to veterans, RCMP and CAF members! It’s clear who needs to apologize”

“Dear everyone, please feel free to tell Omar how you feel about him using this excuse for him missing his Eid celebrations when it was the Liberals own House Leader who scheduled the vote to start at 10:30pm. Even if there was only one vote he wouldn’t have made it.”

“I know the truth makes you feel uncomfortable, Michelle. I’m glad you’re here tonight. Where’s ?”

“The Liberals just accused Conservatives of Islamophobia because (their own Liberal Part House Leader) scheduled votes on Main Estimates on Eid. Even if there had only been one vote they would have “disrespected Eid”, as claimed.”

“Michelle, how did you vote on the Islamophobia motion?”

“Raise your hand if you tried to politicize a special religious occasion but forgot that your own party scheduled the first vote. Hello

I’m sorry you’re having a hard confronting your insensitivity. Please talk to your leader who’s bragging about forcing votes all night

Then, Alghabra topped it off by calling Erin O’Toole, “the Eid grinch.”


Alghabra’s tweets are despicable and show not only his own screwed up thinking, but also the divisiveness of the Trudeau government. Not only are they unwilling to end the carbon tax coverup, but they are now demonizing the Conservatives for demanding answers for Canadians.

Alghabra has exposed himself as a divisive fool, and he also shows the danger of things like M-103. If he’s willing to throw the Islamophobia accusation around so freely, we can only imagine what the Liberals really have in mind when it comes to our freedom of speech in this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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