POLL: Trudeau Gets Approval Bump After G7 Dispute

Angus Reid poll shows Trudeau’s approval rating up 12 points.

As many had predicted, Justin Trudeau has received a bump in his approval rating following his trade fight with Donald Trump.

The dispute had led to political figures from across the political spectrum offering supportive words to Trudeau, and it would have been surprising if his numbers hadn’t temporarily increased. Fighting with the US generally boosts the poll numbers of Canadian politicians, at least in the short-term.

According to the Angus Reid survey, Trudeau’s approval rating went from 40% to 52%, while his disapproval went from 56% to 41%. This reverses the trend of Trudeau’s support over the past two years, which had seen his approval falling consistently while his disapproval rating rose.

The poll shows a shift in those who say it’s time for a change in government. Previously, 51% said it’s time for a change, while 28% said it wasn’t. Now, 41% say it’s time for a change, while 36% say its not.

Conservative support tumbles

The poll also showed the Conservatives losing lots of support. In the previous Angus Reid poll, the Conservatives had a 10 point lead over Trudeau.

Now, they trail by four points.

The Conservatives fell from 40% to 32%, while the Liberals went from 30% to 36%. The NDP fell again, going from 19% to 16%.

Only time will tell how long this Trudeau poll bump lasts, but you can bet they Liberals will do everything they can to keep the fight going in order to gain a political advantage – even as evidence emerges that they may be misleading Canadians about what’s really going on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube