REPORT: ISIS Fighter In Toronto Brags To Media About Executing People, Discusses Threat Of Attacks In The West

Yet, the Trudeau government has not arrested him.

There are yet more disturbing reports about an ISIS fighter in Canada, bragging about the fact that he executed people, raising the threat of attacks in the West, and taunting the government.

And yet, he hasn’t been arrested.

Global News Investigative Journalist Stewart Bell shared the disturbing info on Twitter – linking to a New York Times podcast discussing the fate of ISIS fighters:

“For Canadians, another deeply disturbing @rcallimachi podcast about a Toronto-area ISIS member, in which he expresses no remorse & a continued attachment to violent extremist ideology. And yet has not been arrested.”

“On why he won’t tell the RCMP about the executions he carried out for ISIS in Syria: “It’s a war zone and I thought that it’s not their business to deal with and it’s my own business.”‘

“On how he got away with it. “What’s the most they can do?”‘

“On ISIS terrorist attacks in the West: “If you corner a dog that wants its freedom, it’s going to bite you.”‘

Trudeau government weakness puts Canadians at risk

Its now beyond clear that returning ISIS fighters see the federal government as a joke, and have no fear of being prosecuted or dealt with.

This puts Canada at huge risk, because returning ISIS fighters need to be handled with brutal strength on the part of the government, not the pathetically weak “reintegration” garbage being pushed by the Liberals.

As a result, our country is in more danger, and ISIS fighters are getting a free ride in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Outrageous! The ISIS will get their candy in due time!

Ed R Peebles


Ed P.


Rob Ford is deceased.

Ron Voss

Don’t poetry classes don’t seem to be working.


Turdo and Goodale must be so proud of themselves. This will not age well.


All I can say is Trudeau is the worst enemy of Canada.


If the cpc can stand in unity with Trudeau against Trump for our steel and aluminum workers, which I find ridiculous since it was Trudeau gov themselves who are sending our workers and jobs to USA, then,
I want the cpc to stand in unity with canadians against jihadi justin and demand from him to arrest and imprison this Isis fighter or have him deported immediately if he is not canadian.


Exqctly Jen, Trudeau made this all happen and I hope the CPC doesnt stand with Trudeau in this and insteads stands with Canadians sick of Trudeau and the bs hes pushing!


This is why Trump sees Canada as a security risk.


Dont expect the media to stand by for the safety of their OWN family against terrorists and radical Trudeau gov.
The media will soon learn that endangering the lives and safety of family and their country for the sake of one radical man Justin Trudeau will weight on their conscience for decades.