WATCH: Doug Ford Says First Move Of PC Government Will Be To “Cancel The Liberal Cap & Trade Carbon Tax”

“As of June 29th, the cap & trade, the carbon tax, they’re gone, they’re done,” says Ford.

Ontario Premier-Designate Doug Ford is moving fast to bring change to Ontario.

At a press conference, Ford said that the first move of the new PC government will be to scrap the Liberal cap & trade carbon tax.

“This will mean relief at the pumps,” said Ford.

Added Ford, “I’ve already given our officials clear direction to immediately withdraw Ontario from future auctions for cap & trade credits, additionally as promised in our Plan For The People, I am directing the Attorney General to use all available resources, to use every power at the governments disposal, we will officially challenge the federal government carbon tax on Ontario families.”

Watch Ford’s full comments below:

Ford is showing strong leadership by moving incredibly fast to keep his promises. He’s showing that he was true to his word in his campaign pledges and is standing up for the people of Ontario who have been gouged for far too long.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yeh Doug! I hope you already have the auditors booked! Finally common sense will prevail in Ontario!


Yes! Go Ford Go!


Thank God…can’t wait for Notley to get the boot too and then Jason Kenney can follow suit with Doug Ford and tell Justin where to stick his carbon tax.


In your face justin trudeau…..Prmiere Doug Ford has spoken.


Perhaps Atlantic Canada and Quebec will STOP Voting Liberal, both Provincially and Federally. Ontario was NOT Influenced by Media who Supported the Liberals and the NDP, or ALL the Lies from Kathleen Wynne or Andrea Horwach. We now FINALLY have a Diligent, Responsible, Respectable, Hard Working Leader who is WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE! We Have to Also Rid Ourselves of Arrogant, Terrorist Loving, Lying Trudeau and his Band of Thieves in the Federal Government. We WILL Then Take BACK our Country and Once Again be Proud of Canada! Thank-you, Doug Ford, I did tell you that I believed in you,… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Off to a running start. Perfect way to begin your term.

Ralph Knapp

Good start, Mr. Premier!!