Trudeau’s Plan To Impose Carbon Tax On Ontario Shows Contempt For Democracy

The people of Ontario gave a big majority to a party planning to scrap the carbon tax, but Trudeau plans to impose it anyway.

Over and over and over again on the campaign trail, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford promised to scrap the carbon tax and get rid of the cap & trade system.

He repeated it constantly, and everyone in Ontario knew exactly what they were getting if they voted for him.

On Election Day, the PCs won a huge majority government, while the pro-carbon tax, pro-cap & trade Liberals were absolutely decimated.

That means the verdict of the people was clear: Get rid of cap & trade and scrap the carbon tax.

So, you would think that any half-decent leader would listen to what the people of Ontario said loud and clear, and would respect the decision made by Ontario voters.

Of course, that’s not what Trudeau is doing.

Instead, he’s ignoring the will of the people.

According to iPolitics, the Trudeau Liberals plan to impose the tax anyway:

“The federal government’s jurisdiction on this matter is clear,” Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s spokesperson Caroline Thériault said a statement. “On ThursdayBill C-74 passed the Senate. It includes new supports for families, tax cuts for small businesses, and a federal standard for pricing pollution that provinces must meet. Ontario’s current pollution pricing system meets the federal standard. If the new government changes or eliminates its system, that assessment may change and the federal price on pollution would apply.”

This move by the Trudeau government shows total contempt for democracy.

The more people learn about the carbon tax, the more they hate it, and the Ontario election made that obvious to everyone. Trudeau shows that he will ignore all those who disagree with them, and impose a damaging, expensive, job-killing tax against the will of voters.

With Ford pledging to fight the Trudeau government in court to block the tax, the contrast is clear. Ford is fighting for the people, while Trudeau is fighting only for his own political power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Go Doug! Kick Trudope Ass to the Curb!

Dave Bainard

Jr will have to be constantly reminded about what happened to PM Mulroney and the PCs after the hated GST.

Del Rokosh

Trudeau would have had a stronger position to negotiate from if Canada had East and West pipelines, both oil and natural gas, and a decently operating transport system for our grains and other resources. That would include a world class rail line to Churchill wjich would almost be immune from American restrictions. Trump can easily cut off the current pipelines going South even if it created hardship for Americans. This would make the enviro-fascist jihadists in BC quite happy as they simply pop across the border to Bellingham to gas up their SUV’s. Same with those in Southern Ontario and… Read more »


You make sense, I remember during the 1980’s being present during a meeting where an American investor wanted to turn a retired brewery into a canola oil processing facility employing over 500 people. His books cracked shut when an exhaustive environmental assessment was proposed. He said “you Canadians won’t have to worry about any development, there won’t be any” There was no applause when he walked out, but he really deserved a standing ovation. It has been happening for a long time, Trudeau, is just the tipping point. What we are witnessing is the economy taking care of itself. A… Read more »


Well, all Ford really has to do is hold him off until after the next election, and the next gov’t will scrap the tax anyway.

Moe S.

Spencer, check-out Goldstein: Trudeau’s ‘secret’ carbon price exposed. The carbon price costs for Ontario households have been reported as follows:
$50 dollars per tonne by 2022 the annual cost to Ontario households $707 dollars.
To reach Trudeau’s goal of 30% reduction of emissions by 2030 would require a national carbon price of $100 dollars per tonne by 2022 (not $50 dollars by 2022) at $100 dollars per tonne the annual carbon price cost to Ontario households will be $1,414 dollars. READ ARTICLE BY JOURNALIST GOLDSTEIN (Toronto Sun)


These Corporations have intentionally been polluting far more than they were prior to the Cap & Trade agreement. They will receive money to REDUCE their own polluting ways, BUT, and this is the kicker…. they’ve been deliberately OVER POLLUTING — and they will now receive CREDITS / MONEY based on their reduction of these so called emissions. Get my drift??? Receiving government money (our tax dollars) to basically pollute what they always did because they over inflated their emissions in the first place. This is just another way for the rich to get richer while raping the taxpayers all over… Read more »

Ed R Peebles



alan skelhorne

as i have said from the beginning mr. fernando, this guy is above the law. even you must see that.

Norbert Kausen

he THINKS he is above the law, BUT, with the court system supporting his illegal acts, it sure seems to be that way! We, as Canadians, MUST stand up to him and is dictatorial aspirations!


How much over half are we going to let them take? Soon they will take it all and give you a little stipend called guaranteed income.

Norbert Kausen

Exactly, GRANDPASPEAKS…. and I have been saying THAT for the last 15 years!


What is needed is directed taxation not a general revenue fund. Otherwise there is no way to know if taxes are excessive or deficient. Remember the tax on gasoline was introduced to build and maintain roads. Now a carbon tax to alleviate guilt. And carbon is present in every breath you exhale. Are you feeling guilty for living yet? We now have a tax for that. There is no way out until the GST is paid on your funeral expenses.

Norbert Kausen

Maybe it is time to dismantle confederation! It may be drastic but it seems to be becoming increasingly necessary!

chris malmstrom

otherwise referred to as COMMUNISM, which we already know Trudoh thinks is a good idea.

chris malmstrom

he’s never cared about Canada or Canadians, it’s only about squeezing more money out of the people so he can continue with the Liberal way of out-of-control spending…look how that worked for the Ontario Liberals, no longer have Party Status!

tTommy Hawk

There is one thing about Justin, which was also apparent with ‘daddy’ — and quite likely instilled by daddy into Justin — is that he has no intention of ‘listening to Canadians,’ at any time, for any reason and on any subject — that also was taught by daddy, which is why I compare him to and refer to him as the perfect example of the ‘Manchurian Candidate.’

Nothing, except certain external stimuli cause him to consider anything at any time, for any reason, whatever. That is a hard combination to beat.