POLL: Far More Canadians Want “Less Welcoming” Approach To Illegal Border Crossers

Supporters of tougher approach outnumber those who want weaker approach by over 3 to 1.

A new poll shows far more Canadians want a “less welcoming” approach to illegal border crossers than want a “more welcoming approach.”

According to the Nanos Research poll, 43% of Canadians say Canada should be “less welcoming” to illegal border crossers, while just 14% want Canada to be “more welcoming.” 36% say Canada should “continue its current approach.”

The survey also asked Canadians their thoughts on accepting Rohingya refugees. 37% said they “support” accepting refugees, while 25% say they “somewhat support” it. 14% “somewhat oppose,” while 18% “oppose.”

Back to the border issue, there is also concern with the lack of security presence at the border, with a full 57% of Canadians saying there is not enough law enforcement presence at the border. Just 29% say there is the right amount of law enforcement presence at the border. A paltry 2% say there is too much law enforcement presence at the border.

Canadians want our border secured

The poll results on the border questions make it quite clear that Canadians want our border to be secured, and are losing patience with the weak approach of the Trudeau government that has cost our country hundreds of millions of dollars in social services costs and burdens upon our taxpaying citizens.

And yet, the Trudeau government keeps ignoring what people want, and have continued an approach of total weakness. They have created incentives for people to cross illegally, which ends up punishing taxpayers and punishing everyone seeking to come to Canada the legal way.

Canadians are a welcoming people, but that welcome needs to be on our own terms, not with people disrespecting our border by entering our country illegally.

Spencer Fernando

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