Trudeau’s Taxpayer-Funded Summer Home Is Getting Some Expensive Upgrades

While Trudeau forces Canadians to tighten our belts because of tax hikes, our tax dollars are spent on helping his family live in luxury.

As Canadians see more of our money taken through taxes, Justin Trudeau’s second taxpayer-funded residence is getting some pricey upgrades.

According to a recent report, there have been numerous additions to the Harrington Lake summer residence.

There’s a new patio, a new play structure & swings, a new golf cart, new boat racks, and expenses for a sauna – which the government says Trudeau paid for himself – is costing taxpayers $4,368 to power.

The cost of clearing snow has risen by $17,000.

In total, the new expenses are costing taxpayers about $75,000.

While these are small expenses in the context of a government that spends billions, it’s the principle that matters. After all, unlike the previous government that sought to cut taxes, the Trudeau government is raising them.

Whether it’s the carbon tax, or ending tax credits that families were using, or policies that increase the general cost of living, Justin Trudeau is taking more money out of our pockets. For the government to then use that money to increase the luxury of the Prime Minister’s summer home is an insult to taxpayers, and it shows an attitude of entitlement.

Trudeau could have easily afforded the entire $75,000 cost, and could have covered it all himself. Instead, he’s left taxpayers to foot the bill.

Clearly, he feels entitled to live in luxury at our expense, while making it tougher for Canadian families to pay for even the basic necessities.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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