Trudeau’s Taxpayer-Funded Summer Home Is Getting Some Expensive Upgrades

While Trudeau forces Canadians to tighten our belts because of tax hikes, our tax dollars are spent on helping his family live in luxury.

As Canadians see more of our money taken through taxes, Justin Trudeau’s second taxpayer-funded residence is getting some pricey upgrades.

According to a recent report, there have been numerous additions to the Harrington Lake summer residence.

There’s a new patio, a new play structure & swings, a new golf cart, new boat racks, and expenses for a sauna – which the government says Trudeau paid for himself – is costing taxpayers $4,368 to power.

The cost of clearing snow has risen by $17,000.

In total, the new expenses are costing taxpayers about $75,000.

While these are small expenses in the context of a government that spends billions, it’s the principle that matters. After all, unlike the previous government that sought to cut taxes, the Trudeau government is raising them.

Whether it’s the carbon tax, or ending tax credits that families were using, or policies that increase the general cost of living, Justin Trudeau is taking more money out of our pockets. For the government to then use that money to increase the luxury of the Prime Minister’s summer home is an insult to taxpayers, and it shows an attitude of entitlement.

Trudeau could have easily afforded the entire $75,000 cost, and could have covered it all himself. Instead, he’s left taxpayers to foot the bill.

Clearly, he feels entitled to live in luxury at our expense, while making it tougher for Canadian families to pay for even the basic necessities.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ivan Hawkes

Do you think Justin Turd Toe can spell “narcissistic”? Maybe he could spell”arrogant”, but likely not without the help of his handlers. His herd of nannies could likely help him spell those words, but that doesn’t mean he’d be able to relate to the fact that he is a perfect example of the meaning of both words. Fact is that GREED IS A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS, and Justin is seriously mentally ill, but he doesn’t realize it. He was raised as the son of Castro in a broken marriage home, spoiled by a drugged out Mom and ignored by his… Read more »

David MacKAY

Justine best name is “Mr. Stupid” it sums him up accurately in the most objective and fair manner


God help us to get rid of this abuser of power and may we be better citizens as a result of his destruction in the next election.

Ralph Knapp

Spencer, I believe that home is owned by the taxpayers for use by the PM of record. Both residences are in very poor shape and have lacked proper maintenance for years. It will like cost us millions to make them livable. Trudeau is a total brain dead dolt. However this mess existed long before his tenure.


I sense but could not prove that JT hates Canadians, wants to hurt them as much as possible. My concern is this: he will hurt Canada. This seems clear. But first, I’d heard a lot of flack about Harper also when he was in. And I’m wondering if Canada can get a decent leader who doesn’t do the same thing.

Ron Voss

And his arrogant message to the Canadian taxpayers is ‘let them each cheese’.


WHY do WE have to pay for a swing set, sauna, patio ? F$#K trudeau !!!

Pete Black

There we are. Our Prime Minister adopting typical dictator roles of a third world MArxist regime.
We are going there fast


Improvements for Scheer to enjoy in summer 2020.


Short question: Why?
Why is there such thing as a taxpayer-funded summer home at all? When did this become part of our obligations to any MP?

Ralph Knapp

The homes are owned by all Canadians and have been neglected for decades by the bureaucrats and previous governments in charge. If the repairs needed happen during Trudeau’s term in office, it will be the only worthwhile thing he will accomplish,


Isn’t Harrington Lake where His Mom lives at taxpayer expense? Maybe that was temporary. Given he has so much free time why is he not doing some of the repairs himself instead screwing up on the world stage every few weeks.


Are you kidding???
Do you think he would know the difference between a hammer and a nail?????
Ridiculous assumption-I’m surprised if he doesn’t have someone to show him how to use the bathroom!!