Disturbing: Police Car In Greater Toronto Area Seen Flying Flag Of Khalistani Separatists

The flag was brought to attention by journalist Candice Malcolm.

A disturbing photo of a police car in the Greater Toronto Area shows the vehicle flying a Khalistan flag.

It’s the flag of the Khalistani Separatists, a group that wants to create a separate Sikh state in India. The group was responsible for killing 268 Canadian citizens in the Air India Bombing, has regularly carried out terrorist attacks in India, and has also attempted to assassinate both Canadian and Indian politicians on Canadian soil.

The flag was brought to attention by journalist Candice Malcolm, who tweeted the following:

“This is a Toronto area police car, flying a Khalistani separatist flag. This is disgraceful. We should support our allies. One India. No to terror. No to radicalism. No to bringing foreign tribal feuds to Canada. Shame on @PeelPoliceMedia”

Malcolm is correct. It’s disgraceful, and it’s disturbing. Only a Canadian flag should be flying on police cars in Canada. Flying the flag of another nation would be bad enough, but flying the flag of a separatist group that wants to break up one of Canada’s allies? It’s insane.

While some claimed it was photo-shopped, the Toronto Police simply claimed that the car and officer were from the Peel Region – distancing themselves from the controversy. There has seemingly been no comment from the Peel Regional Police.

This needs to be investigated, and can’t happen again. How could Canadians in the Peel Region be expected to trust their institutions if even those meant to keep them safe are flying flags of violent separatist groups?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ken Parker

I’ve been reading this dude stuff for a while on Facebook, and I’ve noticed that it takes a long time to load his pages. especially in certain stories like this one I had to reload it four times to get it to load. This isn’t something in my head. because I’ve actually checked liberal leaning stories boom the stuff you hit it it’s up, there’s a conspiracy here man…


I say you can’t trust the institutions, whether police, education or government…. PERIOD


This is very inappropriate. This policeman is representing the police force and he dares to represent a terrorist groups in his functions? Fire him immediately. He has betrayed the entire police force and the Canadians.


Did he know what he was flying?


This story brings back horrible memories of a entire young Indian family who had just bought a house directly across the street from us. The parents decided to take the kids to India for their first time to visit grandparents. We waited and waited…8 months…until we were told by a real estate agent that they were on the Air India flight that killed 268 Canadians! They had no relatives in Canada to handle their affairs since the whole family was obliterated. The Kalistani terrorists should not ve allowed to enter Canada. Why have they cone here to fight a battle… Read more »


I meet a lot of Sikhs in college here in Ontario. I would say they are generally a very peaceful folk. I think a lot of them are exiting India as they are Pakistan because they don’t see much of a future being an ethnic minority among Hindus. It’s never nice to be the minority. I don’t begrudge the Sikhs their desire to have their own homeland. The borders of India were drawn by Europeans and warring Muslims. The real problem is Canadians at work displaying any flags or religious attire because all of these outward signs are also political… Read more »


That’s strange. Sikhs want to leave india because “they don’t feel safe over there living among hindus, muslims & other ethnic/religious groups”, for that reason they want to further partition india & carve out their own homeland viz. khalistan. I wonder once they gain good numerical strength in Canada what they’d demand other than already granted numerous exemptions like turban, kirpan (dagger), etc., perhaps another homeland (khalistan) in western hemisphere? “Peaceful folks” don’t murder 330 innocents midair or shoot a female prime minister who trusted them as her body guards. “It’s never nice to be the minority”; then how would… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

THAT is REPREHENSIBLE, THAT is DISGRACEFUL!!! The police do not work for us any longer, it would appear! Hence any police who fly such flags must be fired under the police services act OR the social contract between the police and the public must be terminated!