HYPOCRISY: Trudeau Government Denies Funding To Churches Helping Homeless Canadians, But Funds Group Putting On Anti-Semitic Al Quds Day Rally

When confronted on this outrageous hypocrisy, Trudeau brought up Harper again.

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen is drawing attention to a massive hypocrisy on the part of the Trudeau Lieberals handling of the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

After Justin Trudeau imposed his values test on the program, many organizations that previously got funding were all of a sudden denied.

Among those organizations denied funding are Churches working to help homeless Canadians.

Trudeau took their funding away from them because they wouldn’t agree to sign his authoritarian values attestation.

And yet, even as Churches helping homeless Canadians lose funding, Trudeau is still giving taxpayer dollars to groups spreading hate.

Bergen revealed that one of those groups is an organization involved in the hateful Al Quds Day Rally, which is a terrible anti-Semitic event that calls for the total destruction of Israel.

In Question Period, Bergen confronted Trudeau on this hypocrisy.

But instead of doing the right thing and acknowledging the problem (and pledging to block all taxpayer funds to Al Quds Day), Trudeau instead tried to attack the Conservatives on the abortion issue. He even went back to his most pathetic tactic: Bringing up Stephen Harper’s name again.

Watch the exchange below:

Al Quds Rally

You will not believe this! I asked Justin Trudeau to explain why an anti-Semitic extremist organization received funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program, but churches who help the homeless are denied. Watch This –

Posted by Hon. Candice Bergen, MP on Sunday, June 17, 2018

As Canadians, we must all now confront a disturbing truth: Under Justin Trudeau groups that spread anti-Semitism can get taxpayer dollars, while Churches helping our homeless citizens get stripped of their support. That sends a deeply troubling message about the true priorities and values of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

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And who have been the biggest sponsors of immigrants, THE CHURCHES. It should be said again and again. So Trudeau is finally proven to be breaking another law which is related to freedom of religion. He basically sends the message that christians cannot practice their religion peacefully. We have to sue Trudeau for all his law breaking, treason, the chaos he is creating and yes, sue his arse.


Wow! Furthermore Trudeau is not only promoting hate but he is promoting FANATICS!

Kathy henderson

So true Christine. And as always he refuses to answer directly. He did of course manage to bring up islophobia. He is a terrible prime minister. He is a bully and has his own agenda by supporting these hate groups all the while denying it. He doesn’t even care that we know what he has done and how he is working at dividing Canadians so his “special group” gets a good foothold here in Canada. He does exactly what he wants disregarding the Charter of Rights and laws and the needs and wants of Canadians. I can’t think of one… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

Without a doubt this is simply another clear demonstration of the mental level of ‘his’ thinking and conniving — he is at times even better than Pierre was at such actions.

I must say I have serious doubts about the mental level of any Canadians who claim there is some good reason for supporting this person — at any time, for any reason, under any circumstances.


I’ve read Al Qudes day is the celebration of Muslims. It the celebration of the murder of Jewish people.
I don’t think Canadians know this or they’d be protesting.