POLL: Conservatives Take Lead Over Trudeau Liberals In Wake Of Trade Dispute

Even though Trudeau got an approval rating bump in a “rally around the flag effect,” the Liberals lost four points in the poll.

A new survey by Ipsos shows that an increase in Justin Trudeau’s approval rating following his recent trade dispute with Donald Trump hasn’t translated into support for his party.

Even as the survey showed Trudeau’s approval rating jumping six points to 50%, the Liberals fell four points. They now have 32% support, while the Conservatives have 36%, and the NDP get 20%. The BQ has 5%, while the Greens are at 7%.

Global News quoted Ipsos Canada CEO Darrell Bricker discussing Trudeau’s approval rating bounce. Said Bricker, “There tends to be a bit of a rallying to the flag for political leaders when [Canadians] feel like in an international environment we’re being questioned.” 

The fact that Trudeau’s approval rose while his party lost support shows that Canadians are expressing a temporary level of support for Trudeau as an expression of support for Canada, rather than approving of the job he is doing. When a country is criticized from the outside, leaders generally gain support, even if the underlying perception of that leader doesn’t change.

That can be seen in the fact that the intensity of Trudeau’s support remains very weak. Just 12% of Canadians ‘strongly support’ him, while 39% ‘somewhat support.’ By contrast, 23% strongly disapprove, while 26% somewhat disapprove.

It’s the 11 point gap between the strong supporters and those who strong disapprove shows the high level of opposition to Trudeau, and explains why his party is still struggling in many polls. The trade dispute with the US doesn’t change the fact that Trudeau’s carbon tax is widely-hated, his policies are damaging the economy, he refuses to deal with ISIS in our midst, and has lied repeatedly to Canadians about everything.

There also seems to be a Doug Ford bump for the Conservatives in Ontario, with the Conservatives at 38%, leading the NDP at 28%. The Liberals have now fallen to third in Canada’s largest province.

Spencer Fernando

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I guess the Lieberal/NDP ‘s bumbling, virtue signaling NAFTA talks may hurt Canada even more if not settled, like it should have been already. It would be nice if our government could have some reasonable professional unity, but Trudeau pretends to stand alone in total power, trying to make it look like he is tough when he is not, and by insulting our friends and much bigger neighbor is total silliness on the Lieberal’s part. This is hurting Canada not helping.


Jihadi Justin Trudeau will soon find another ‘victim’ card to throw at the people for their sympathy and naturally the media will do their utmost best to help him garner votes by badgering those who dare cross him, like Trump and cpc. On the other hand, I don’t think jihadi gives a dam if he doesn’t get votes in western canada since he can double or triple the votes from the illegals.