Premier-Designate Ford Implementing Hiring Freeze In Public Service

Ford continues to move fast in keeping his promises.

Doug Ford is moving fast on another key campaign promise.

During the election, Ford repeatedly said he would find savings in government, standing up for taxpayers who knew the government could be doing much more to save money.

Now, Ford is moving to ensure the government makes better use of taxpayers money, by implementing a hiring freeze in the Ontario public service.

According to the CP, “A spokesman for Doug Ford said the Progressive Conservative leader has also directed government ministries to cancel “subscription-based services” and to restrict out-of-province travel. “The people of Ontario work hard for their money and they expect their tax dollars to go to the services we all depend on,” Simon Jefferies said in a statement. “We are also going to go line by line through the government’s books to ensure value of money for the people of Ontario’s tax dollars.”

Notably, the hiring freeze is clearly focused on the bloated bureaucracy, not frontline services. Police, corrections, and fire fighters are said to be exempt.

Additionally, “Any other hiring, aside from lateral moves within the public service or appointments required to fulfil collective agreements, must be officially approved by cabinet office before going forward.”

There will also be an end to providing “food and drinks for staff meetings and events.”

Those are the kinds of costs that add up over time, and feed into a culture of impunity that ends up wasting taxpayers money.

Ford’s hiring freeze is a great start to the job of getting Ontario’s finances under control. Because the tax base grows every year, the deficit can be brought under control without job cuts. Simply keeping the public service at a consistent level while the rest of the population grows can quickly turn into billions of dollars in savings, and Ford is making it clear that he plans to get the job done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

It’s a great first move and lets everyone know there’s a new sheriff in town and he means business.


Thank-you Premier Ford for Working Hard to Save Taxpayers Dollars in a Manner which the Majority of Ontarions approve. Thank-you for Keeping your Promises. I am Hoping and Praying for a Conservative Federal Government in 2019, so that we can Slowly Return to Stability. I know that it will be Slow to return to Stability after the Liberals have pretty well Destroyed this Once Wonderful Country! The Federal Conservatives under Stephen Harper left us with a two Billion Dollar Surplus. With Justin Trudeau and his Band of Spend Thrift Thieves, we now have a 58 Billion Dollar Deficit in just… Read more »


Fantastic! Moving in the right direction. Here we go with Ford!

D. Jerome Hauk

While I recognize that bureaucrats are necessary, the self-serving growth of a bureaucracy has always been worrisome; the mushrooming of the system has largely been out of control for millennia. Therefore, I am afraid that the bureaucracy will retreat within itself to challenge any attempt to stem its continued growth. I can forsee any number of strategies to combat attacks on the bureaucratic structure: for example, there could be a kind of work-to-rule where offices deliberately slowdown attention to tasks thereby drawing out the timeline to frustrating lenghts…think of current time frames to approve a pipeline project, and double it.… Read more »