REJECTED: Despite $60 Million ‘Bribe’, Trudeau Liberals Got Crushed In Chicoutimi – Le Fjord Byelection

Just days before he called the byelection, Trudeau tried tilting the scales by promising $60 million in federal spending for the area.

The crushing defeat suffered by the Trudeau Liberals in the Chicoutimi – Le Fjord byelection is important for two reasons.

First, the riding is home to a large portion of Canada’s aluminum industry, a sign that the trade fight between Trudeau and Trump isn’t translating into increased votes for the Liberals.

Secondly, and related to the first point, is that the Liberals got crushed despite the fact that Justin Trudeau had promised $60 million in federal funding to boost aluminum smelting, just days before the byelection was called.

Trudeau had been criticized heavily for the clear pre-election ‘bribe.’

As Conservative MP Gerard Deltell said at the time, “It’s not a coincidence that suddenly the prime minister and the Liberal government are paying a lot of attention to this riding when he did absolutely nothing in the last two and a half years. People realize that and recognize that, and you just have to speak to people about that. They will not be fooled by the prime minister.”

Deltell was proven correct, as the Liberals got crushed in the byelection, winning just 29% of the vote compared to 53% for the Conservatives.

More and more people are seeing through Trudeau’s deceptive and cynical tactics, and aren’t buying the lies he’s trying to sell.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So glad! I was born there and my compatriots do not get fooled anymore.

tTommy Hawk

Anyone what has not or cannot see through his transparency is sleeping very soundly with the Liberal pillow under their head.

However, it appears that ignoring, destroying local industry and then bribery, all being part of ‘his’ record for that area, among others, is not the best way to expect to gain votes. Not all Canadians are quite as dense and ‘he’ presumes they are.

The results of this by-election is proof there of — and a welcome happening.


YES ! Mais, oui, Quebecois !!

Sandra W

I am elated that Trudeau’s massive insult to the intelligence of the voters in the Chicoutimi – Le Fjord riding fell flat! The boy-man Trudeau is so blinded by his own arrogance that he thought that they would not be smart enough to understand that he was attempting to buy them with their own tax dollars, or if they did see it, they would be too dense to grasp that short term gains are meaningless.


Then he tried to get sympathy, when Trump chastised his remarks to the media. I wish I could share this.


Exactly where did the Liberal Party of Canada obtain that $60 Million?

S murphy

Ali Khan , George Soros


They sure didn’t get it from the sale of Canadian resources. Maybe the Trudeau / barbie carbon tax? Certainly NOT from the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund. The voters have to be impressed with the Conservatives manipulation of Trudeau, getting him to spend $60 million. Could it be that Trudeau is truly as stupid as he looks or is he simply arrogant? Will Trudeau will now renege on his promise, claiming it wasn’t fair that he didn’t get the votes he was paying for and take the money back? Revenge? More fake tears? How about losing that by-election is racist… Read more »


That is such crap, it should not be legal to essentially BRIBE your voters. But I am ESTATIC that just because trudeau dosent have any ETHICS, CANADIANS DO!

Kevin Mark Bauer

Is there a pool or a Vegas line on how long it takes Justin to reneg on his promise ? I’ll take Monday , June 25th, 2018 @9:01 am EST for $10 please 😉
Peace Y