The Trudeau Liberals Are Having A Tough Time Accepting That Doug Ford Decimated Their Provincial Counterparts

Ford campaigned clearly against the policies of Justin Trudeau and won a huge victory. It’s time for the federal Liberals to accept that reality.

It looks like the Trudeau Liberals haven’t gotten through the ‘acceptance’ stage of the grieving process after their provincial cousins got decimated by Ford Nation.

In a series of Tweets, it’s clear that top Trudeau cabinet ministers and advisors – including Catherine McKenna and Gerald Butts – can’t accept the democratic results of the Ontario provincial election.

Here’s a sample of what they’ve been saying:

“Disappointing to see Doug Ford scrap Ontario’s @GreenONfund programs. Clearly he doesn’t care about climate action or helping families & businesses save money & supporting innovative Ontario businesses and jobs. #NoEnvironment #NoEconomy #NoPlan”

“The new Ontario government served notice today that it’s bailing on the national plan to clean up the environment and fight climate change. Ontarians haven’t, and the government of Canada will support them.”

“Ontario businesses invested almost $3 billion in a market that is now closed to them. #climatechange”

“That didn’t take long. Lawyers, start your billable hours. Ontario is now open for business.*

*Business = pointless litigation.”

Pathetic arrogance

You can feel the arrogance emanating from the Butts & McKenna’s tweets.

They can’t accept that Ontarians decisively rejected their preferred policies, so they’re trying to protect their egos by slamming Ford and the PCs for keeping their promises.

This shows beyond doubt that the Trudeau Liberals can’t accept the results of democracy, and have no respect for the will of the people. And those who can’t respect democracy have no business holding power in a nation that’s supposed to be free.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I like the way Butthead says the new Ontario government, not the new P.C government, Gerald butts is a dirtbag


Butts is a dirtbag of the worst kind. He’s the slimey remains of the McGuinty Liberals.

Ron Voss

Someone having no respect for democracy should be the head of a totalitarian state like Venezuela. Oh wait, that’s how Trudeau who has said that he admires China’s basic dictatorship is behaving with a majority government.


Barbie is mad because she probably has all her investment dollars tucked away in the governments green scams and she’s now seeing those dollars go bye bye.

Ken (Kulak)

Tough to fix stupid.


As advisors to the federal government Butts and McKenna should at least respect democracy and stfu. The people of Ontario have spoken against Liberal lies, corruption and the excess taxes that are the result. The people of Chicoutimi-Fjord in Quebec also had something to say about Liberal lies.


Glad we are out of that program! If we compare with China well Canada is clean as a whistle. 30 years of pollution in Canada is equivalent to 1 week of pollution in China.


Oh Spencer, you say it so well. I am remembering what they did when Mr. Harper got in, and the Lieberals followed him around the country and even to Europe saying that they were the “natural leaders” of Canada etc. and accused duly elected Mr. Harper of being a dictator, he was not. It is sad that they think they should be dictators even when the intelligent people of a democracy vote them out over the brainwashed voters, that vote for their expensive agendas. Doug Ford knows how they work,waste and destroy. We just have to support the Conservatives and… Read more »

Milan M

Will Ford satisfy voters?


climate change is a money and control grab…its just a lead up to the new world order and agenda 21-30 led by the un mafia…


Will the Liberals be as gracious as the Democrats in their acceptance of the next Conservative Prime Minister? 7 billion can buy a lot of sour grapes, 200 dollars worth, for every man, woman, child and illegal border crosser. As they sell our souls at least you know how much it is worth. I’ll wager that they blame the Russians and set up an inquiry if Trudeau gets the boot. When it is the art of the steal vs art of the deal all we get is a naked emperor. What else can one expect from a Parliamentary dictatorship? A… Read more »


The jig is up and they know it ! Still trying to con the public with those silly Tweets.

Shawn Harris

Gerald Butts and Katherine Mackenna both say they are willing to support and help all Ontarians. If by that they mean, like how Gerald Butts and Kathleen Wynne helped Ontario to have the highest debt in the world by a sub sovereign nation, extremely high taxes, unaffordable green energy and electricity rates , that have contributed to the destruction of Ontario’s economy. Then we can do without their help and support. As far as climate change goes, no amount of taxation or carbon taxes will change the fact that whatever Canada or Ontarians do will have no effect at all… Read more »

Eric Blair

I cannot recall any principal secretary to the PM, any PM for that matter, speaking up in public as Gerald Butts does. Who does he think he is? He is not elected. Hey Gerry… get a seat in Parliament so you can have a say. At least MacKenna is elected.




Can’t Wait to VOTE these Criminals OUT in 2019!


Hey better get used to it, because this arrogant bunch of liberals are next! They just don’t get that only their hangers on think their doing a good job. Hard working Canadians know better. The UN elitists, Soros and the Rothchilds et al will all be very disappointed.

Moe S.

Butts & McKenna, self-righteous climate saviors with their sermons and moral platitudes. Their sales sermon tactics are hollow and cheap talk. The Federal Environment and Sustainable development commissioner, Julie Gelfand reported to the Commons Committee in March 2018 the following: “NO government in Canada has met all its climate change commitments. Most who have set greenhouse gas reduction targets are not on track to meet them. And, no government is fully prepared to adapt to the impacts of climate change.” The reason is simple, to achieve Trudeau’s targets, which use to be Harper’s targets, Canadians would be hit by their… Read more »

Linda Querel

The arrogance and “fakeness” of this Liberal Gov is too much to absorb. It’s overwhelming. I am quite sure Butts was working behind the scenes to get his disaster former colleagues reelectern but the people finally fired them. You can’t pretend forever. Your agenda is revealed. Open borders, RCMP reduced to baggage boys, debt soaring etc and Trudeau is buying himself an 8,000 $ swing set and some other very expensive toys. We get the picture..p