The Trudeau Liberals Are Having A Tough Time Accepting That Doug Ford Decimated Their Provincial Counterparts

Ford campaigned clearly against the policies of Justin Trudeau and won a huge victory. It’s time for the federal Liberals to accept that reality.

It looks like the Trudeau Liberals haven’t gotten through the ‘acceptance’ stage of the grieving process after their provincial cousins got decimated by Ford Nation.

In a series of Tweets, it’s clear that top Trudeau cabinet ministers and advisors – including Catherine McKenna and Gerald Butts – can’t accept the democratic results of the Ontario provincial election.

Here’s a sample of what they’ve been saying:

“Disappointing to see Doug Ford scrap Ontario’s @GreenONfund programs. Clearly he doesn’t care about climate action or helping families & businesses save money & supporting innovative Ontario businesses and jobs. #NoEnvironment #NoEconomy #NoPlan”

“The new Ontario government served notice today that it’s bailing on the national plan to clean up the environment and fight climate change. Ontarians haven’t, and the government of Canada will support them.”

“Ontario businesses invested almost $3 billion in a market that is now closed to them. #climatechange”

“That didn’t take long. Lawyers, start your billable hours. Ontario is now open for business.*

*Business = pointless litigation.”

Pathetic arrogance

You can feel the arrogance emanating from the Butts & McKenna’s tweets.

They can’t accept that Ontarians decisively rejected their preferred policies, so they’re trying to protect their egos by slamming Ford and the PCs for keeping their promises.

This shows beyond doubt that the Trudeau Liberals can’t accept the results of democracy, and have no respect for the will of the people. And those who can’t respect democracy have no business holding power in a nation that’s supposed to be free.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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