Tough Questions For Jagmeet Singh After NDP Collapses In Byelection

The NDP went from winning about 30% of the vote in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord in 2015, to getting just 8.7% in the recent byelection.

Jagmeet Singh’s struggles as NDP Leader continue.

Singh has faced tough questions since taking over the NDP, and his longtime refusal to denounce the Khalistani movement – and his long delayed condemnation of Khalistani terrorism – caused severe doubts among many Canadians.

His party has struggled to raise money, struggled in the polls, struggled to get attention, and struggled to appear as a credible governing party.

They also went through a serious of scandals, where Singh quickly booted a male MP facing accusations of inappropriate behaviour – saying all “survivors” should be believed, and then chose not to remove a female MP who was accused of inappropriate behaviour – with his “survivors” rhetoric taking a convenient break.

In fact, Singh often only seems to appear in the media when discussing scandals involving his party, which associates him with negative things in the minds of Canadians.

And now, Singh is struggling to explain another negative thing: His party getting decimated in the Chicoutimi-Le Fjord byelection in Quebec.

The NDP went from about 30% in 2015, to just 8.7% in the byelection. They have also fallen in the polls overall in Quebec, as Singh is clearly not resonating with Quebec residents. Looks like the “Orange Crush” Jack Layton led in Quebec is long gone.

It seems Canadians aren’t buying into Singh’s woke socialist radical left hipster shtick.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tanya N Gaw

Yahoo…and Wootcha!!!
I hope and pray this is the end of the evil NDP Party.



Ron Voss

Orange Crush has gone flat.

Kenneth Oblak

And Mr. Singh continually brings up that he was harrassed and , or discriminate against or bullied while growing up. Who wants to hear that? We have had enough of that. When I hear that, I always think, is he going to be looking for retribution upon folks in general if he gets to hold power/ Get over it, move on, you are a Canadian, or lets hope so, we have enough post nation advocates in politics. We do not need another one.

Peter Black

This guy is a loser like all socialists


It’s interesting to see the state of Quebec. The Bloc and NDP are going nowhere – even the Liberals, under a Quebecois leader, failed. Meanwhile, the former hockey coach candidate and the party led by the Pilsner-drinkin’ westerner with a German last name won big-time! I think we ought to recognise that a failure for a party with Jagmeet Singh at the helm is a failure for multiculturalism. Jagmeet was born and raised in Canada, speaks perfect English and supposedly also French and Punjabi. Yet, he is from a cultural island apart from the rest of Canada: a community even… Read more »


Could it be the Jagmeet and Justin are sheep in wolves clothing. End game to destroy forever these two idiotic parties. Or are they just collectively stupid.? Which they sure appear to be.