WATCH: Trudeau Government Has Photo Of Toronto ISIS Terrorist Shooting A Gun In Syria With His Face Fully Visible, Yet He Hasn’t Been Arrested

Scheer rips Trudeau for taking away tools law enforcement needs to protect Canadians.

Canadians have been disturbed to hear about an ISIS fighter living freely in Toronto who has been bragging to the media about executing people.

And as pointed out by Andrew Scheer in Question Period, it’s even worse than that.

Not only did the ISIS fighter (who never should have been let back into Canada) brag about his crimes, it turns out that he is walking free even after being visited by Canadian government security authorities.

In that meeting, he says that government security officials had a photo of him shooting a gun in Syria, and his face was fully visible.

So, despite this obvious evidence that he was an ISIS fighter – something he has admitted to – and despite the fact that the Trudeau government certainly possesses this evidence, the government hasn’t arrested him.

It is insane, and it puts Canadians at greater risk. In fact, that ISIS fighter walking freely in Toronto has said he is getting even more extreme in his views.

And as Scheer noted, as ISIS terrorists are returning to Canada, the Trudeau government has been weakening the ability of law enforcement to protect Canadians from the threat.

As Scheer brought that up in Question Period, Justin Trudeau did what he always does – pathetically attempting to blame things on the previous Harper government.

Watch the exchange below:

As we can see, Justin Trudeau’s weakness is putting Canadians at risk, and we’re now at the point in which ISIS fighters can walk around freely in our country while bragging with impunity about their terrible crimes.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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