PATHETIC: Justin Trudeau Condemns US Child Detentions, Even Though His Government Does Exactly The Same Thing

Another virtue-signalling fail from Justin Trudeau.

Up until today, Justin Trudeau appeared to be exercising a rare (for him) example of good judgement.

He had refrained from condemning the US issue of child detentions at their border with Mexico, saying that he wouldn’t “play politics.”

But that good judgement didn’t even last the week.

Now, Trudeau has added his name to the growing list of virtue-signallers, and has condemned the US policy:

“What’s going on in the United States is wrong. I cannot image what the families are going through.This is not how we do things in Canada,” said Trudeau.

As you probably guessed, Trudeau’s statement is a lie.

It turns out that while the Trudeau government has been in power, children have been detained and separated from their parents at the border. Even the CBC had to admit it:

“The U.S. is the focus of international outrage for its policy of separating children from their parents and detaining them after they cross the border in search of asylum.

But Canada has also detained migrant children — and in some cases, has restricted access to their asylum-seeking parents — despite its stated policy to do whatever possible to avoid it.

Last year, 151 minors were detained with their parents in Canadian immigration holding centres.

Eleven others were held in custody unaccompanied by an adult, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The CBSA would not speculate on the circumstances surrounding why a minor was unaccompanied.”

Global News also made note of this:

“As well, Canada does not ban the detention of children or separation from their families during the immigration process.

From April to December 2017, a total of 155 minors were detained in facilities by the Canada Border Services Agency but the agency has refused to say how many of them were separated from their families and detained on their own.

Those numbers, which represent only the first three-quarters of the fiscal 2017 year, exceed the total for the previous year.”

In fact, the Global News report points out something very disturbing about the practices of the Trudeau government. While the US has been reporting their child detention numbers, the Trudeau government has issued bans on the Canada Border Services Agency releasing numbers on what’s happening with illegal crossings into our country. So the real numbers of child detentions could be even higher.

And guess what? It turns out that the government – even under Trudeau – has separated CANADIAN children from their parents and put them in immigration detention centres:

“Dozens of children who are Canadian citizens have been held in immigration detention centres in conditions that can cause physical and psychological harm, according to a new report.

The study, called “Invisible Citizens: Canadian Children in Immigration Detention,” was produced by the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto’s faculty of law and released today during a news conference on Parliament Hill.”

So, Trudeau has lied to the Canadian people, risked damaging our relationship with the US even further, and conveniently ignored the fact that his own government has done the same thing he’s attacking the US for – and in fact did it for a far longer period of time, and also did it to Canadian citizens – making it even worse.


Spencer Fernando

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Colyne Gibbons

While even one child detained is unacceptable, attempting to justify what the Trump administration is doing by suggesting Canada did the same, is what causes many to view reporting with a questionable eye. In excess of 2,000 children have been separated from their parents, some still in diapers, and Trudeau is being chastised for 152 children. While I’m not a Liberal, have been a conservative all my voting life, I would prefer honest comparison please.

Alain Turcotte

The practice has not been implemented by Trump. It was already being implemented during the Obama years in office and no one complained. That is what happens when you enter a country illegally. There are consequences….

Peter Lyon

@Alain Turcotte, That’s right, either you have border controls or you have a chaotic free for all. Before I boarded a plane bound for Canada, my passport was checked to make sure I was eligible to land in Canada and get through Customs and Immigration. If a family just walks across a country’s border there has to be a protocol whereby they can be checked out.


The protocol is very basic, we do not allow people to simply ‘walk across the border.’


The protocol is very basic, the gov’t does not allow any people to just simple walk across the border. Particularly with the Queen’s cowboys acting as bellhops.


Colyne Gibson’s I believe that the comparision was mostly used to show once again the lies this pathetic PM spews on a daily basis.
One other point I’d like to make is that day after day the leftist news media in Canada sit like vulchers over a dieing corpse barely aible to contain themselves as Trudeau hatches another smere compairisn against Harper. That must be the reporting you were keeping your eye on.
You should also keep your eye on the toll both troll…because you didn’t pay.

Gordon Carpenter

I would also remind you that the U.S immigration problem is many times larger; probably in the 00’s of times. While Canada has a trickle the U.S has an avalanche, so naturally the numbers will be in the multiples. The real problem is that Trudeau is doing it himself. No one is suggesting that what Trump is doing is good; the real issue that I see Spencer lamenting about is the hypocrisy of Trudeau.

Sewer Rat

In 2013, the Obama administration separated over 72,000 children from their parents. At least according to HuffPo, and supposedly confirmed by ICE. So, Trump ends a practice that flourished under Obama, yet barely a peep out of the MSM about it. I wonder why?

richard taylor

Trudeau cant help but lie to the Canadian people it is like a disease with him and every time he gets caught he just shrugs it off and lies some more this pos needs help

Ana Gomes

He needs to be gone. We need that to happen before he vaporizes our country with his shallow and narcissistic utopias.What kind of people are our Cabinet Ministers, who never notice that their Leader is only an empty shell of memorized lines ,from subversive political guides. How did we get to this point of accepting the faults of this PM, and accepting the complicity of a paid for Media, that has no right to take away one dollar from the Canadian Taxpayer, who is constantly vilified by this Clown in power, with his corrupt morality threats. Canada has been invaded… Read more »


According to what I have read on this horrible situation, the Democrats in the States put the law in place and only used it secretly, as are the Lieberals here, except in the states, they are using the law that they refused to change to demonize President Trump and blame him? This whole refugee, illegal immigration, again caused by the globalists, is all very ugly. We can let the globalists and UN collapse us or do these horrible things, which is their desired results, shame us into destroying ourselves, which again will hurt the migrants as well yet again. This… Read more »

Chris vrecko

One thing people can’t get through their head is the word ILLEGAL! If you are arrested in Canada you CAN’T take your children to jail w you. These illegals immigrants have broken the laws of the country they wish to live in. People need to understand that a law broken needs to be punished so no matter how distasteful this is we need to get on w life and realize there is always a choice but you must be responsible for your actions and that includes the illegals.

Jill Ward

Chris Vrecko, Thank you. Commons sense isn’t so common anymore here in canukistan!

Paul C

EXACTLY. You are one of the few who sees reality with logic. If I commit an armed robbery as a single parent are the freaks of society going to demand that I not be separated from my children ? Stupidity.


Actually Chris my reading suggests the majority of these ‘criminals’ are asylum seekers – people crossing the border to ask for refugee status. That is not illegal – not even (not yet) in the USA.

steve richards

Colyne should really think a little more before saying what she has said. I could go through her whole comment but let’s just take a simple comparison from it. Over 2000 kids have been taken from their parents and only 152 in Canada. The US is at least 100 times bigger in population than Canada so the numbers are not far apart and let me tell you there are way more people entering the US illegally every day than there is in Canada. I think I heard today 30,000 thousand plus a month are pouring into the US. from their… Read more »


The government are not at fault the parents are take care of your children and be informed before you do illegal entries in other counties

Sandra Pitton

It is a mistameanor (sp) so nobody should be going to jail. There is a bottleneck at the border,too many people waiting to get in and yes,many are woman and children trying to get away from gang members. The US let’s people come to their country as refugees and asylum seeker’s and that is NOT AGAINST THE LAW. The ones that get tired of waiting and scoot across the river and get caught are usually trying to save their kids the most. Having their kids ripped out of their arms is just sickening. They don’t have t.v., they’ve been on… Read more »


Reset the game of Monopoly we are forced to play and have already lost. Revisit the “French Revolution”upon the elites and redistribute the wealth and start over.