Pot To Become Legal On October 17th, Opposition Rips Liberals For Using Issue To Raise Money

Marijuana will officially become legal in Canada on October 17th, 2018.

The Trudeau Liberals are already raising campaign money off the issue of legalized pot.

Trudeau announced today that recreational marijuana will become legal on October 17th.

“The provinces have asked us for more time than they originally thought they would need in order to get the implementation right and I think we all agree it’s important to get this right and not rushed,” said Trudeau.

According to BNN Bloomberg, there are still concerns among provinces about the timetable:

‘“We’re happy that they’ve listened to us, that they’ve pushed that date off, but I still do have concerns that we’re not going to have certain things in place prior to that (October) date,” she said. For instance, Stefanson said she’s concerned that reliable roadside testing devices for cannabis won’t be available by then.”

Despite these concerns, the Trudeau Liberals are already using the bill to raise money, in a move that’s being ripped by the opposition.

According to a recent report, the Trudeau Liberals are already running Facebook ads on it that say “It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana – and for criminals to reap the profits,” say the ads that began appearing Wednesday. “We’re keeping our promise to change that, with our plan to legalize and regulate marijuana. Make a donation now and support the progress we’re making together.” While some ads show an image of a marijuana leaf, others feature a picture of Trudeau.”

If someone clicks on the ad, they go to the Liberal donation site, and also get tracked so they can run “targeted ads at you in the future.”

The Liberals have also sent out fundraising emails attacking the Conservatives on the issue, which includes – you guessed it – an attack on Stephen Harper.

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu ripped the Liberals for prioritizing fundraising instead of fixing the legislation:

“I think it’s terrible that the priority of the Liberal government is, after rushing this thing through, to fundraise off the backs of the legalization of marijuana instead of addressing the very serious concerns that were raised about how slow they’ve been with public education, about workplace safety, about the traffic death potential.” 

NDP MP Don Davies also ripped the Liberals, saying the fundraising was “crass, inappropriate and (showed) misplaced priorities.”

Crass, inappropriate, and misplaced priorities just about sums up Trudeau’s entire time in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Get on the LPC mailing list. Its a great place to give email replies that would burn the eyes and ears of normal people. That and the more vitriolic mail they get, the more time the lib staffers waste.


good idea!!!


Don’t worry everyone! The Liberals will screw up implementation. There will be clashes in public places when clouds of stinky smoke offend those of us who are glad smoking has been banned on transit, in restaurants and bars. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in most public places. What now? When it happens the provinces and municipalities will be left to deal with it. If it is a conservative administration they will fight with the Turds about jurisdiction. The Turds will blame Stephen Harper. If anything goes off the rails we already know the main Turd will blame Stephen Harper.


Rich Lieberal drug Lords, raising more money on this new law, for their ” globalist party” is very unethical, especially as these Lieberals are NOT solving the drug problem in Canada, for the children, and all monies raised should be put in the governments coffers, to help all the addicted, especially the young people.
Dave Bainard love, love your idea except tax payers are paying for the Lieberals staffers to make those unethical foreign Lieberal drug lords richer.


add on: Question, has any one heard where the secret offshore money being brought in to Canada for these pot companies to set up came from? I never heard what happened in the house of commons, when this was brought up??


Trudeau needs that law to legalize marijuana use since he wants to smoke freely without having to seek behind close doors to smoke. He has gotten away thus far destroying Canada reputation and jobs and our lives with allowing ISIS to roam the streets of Ontario rather than put them in jail. I can see why he wants dopers around so he can play around with their minds with garbage.
People have been smoking joint decades ago.


I’m allergic to the smoke & live in an apt where they walk around smoking already. There are again no laws to protect me.


Michele, you are not alone in this.
Many people are very allergic to the cannabis plant. Many people just do not want to be forced to use this drug.
Everyone has a human right to choose to live drug free and should not be forced to use any drug against their will.
Please contact your local Lung Association. Let’s stand up for our rights to live drug free especially from marijuana smoke or any other airborne drug.


Canadians, it is time to protest against SECONDHAND MARIJUANA SMOKE. Justin Trudeau is criminally irresponsible for legalizing a powerful AIRBORNE DRUG without any laws to protect NON-drug users. It is dangerous. It has most of the same chemicals as cigarette smoke and often in higher amounts. It causes lung cancer, brain damage, vascular damage, heart attacks and stroke. Many people have violent ALLERGIC reactions to this plant. When others smoke it, you inhale it and it hurts you. This is not a safe drug. It stays in your body and brain for 31 days after exposure. I do not use… Read more »


So, now instead of having traffic deaths with drinking and driving, now we are going to have deaths from being high and driving. Look how many years it took for MADD and others to get the punishments for driving drunk…it has taken years to have this recognized by the courts! Now it will take years to get the same results for driving high. Trudeau is some piece of work and all the MP’s sitting around have sold their souls to the devil so that they can how power. To all who may be reading my comment, did you know that… Read more »