VIDEO: Doug Ford Speech To New Ontario PC Caucus

Ontario Premier-Designate Doug Ford stays true to message that led to resounding PC victory.

“Ontario now has a government that’s for The People.”

That’s what Doug Ford said in his speech to the new Ontario PC Caucus.

With the PCs set to take office after their decimation of the Wynne Liberals, Ford continues to stay true to the message that led to the resounding PC victory.

Ford said “we will never forget that we are here for the people of Ontario.”

Ford says the transition to government “has already begun,” and that the PCs would be “fighting for Ontario jobs” and “stand up for every single person in Ontario.”

And when it comes to the hated carbon tax Trudeau is trying to impose against the will of Ontario voters, Ford said “we will use every single tool at our disposal to make sure the federal government doesn’t put the burden of the carbon tax on the backs of families, the backs of businesses, and the backs of industry, it’s absolutely the worst tax anyone can put on the workers and families of Ontario.”

“I’ll tell you, that’s done, the carbon tax is over, we’re going to move forward,” added Ford.

Unlike the elitist politicians who have one message during the election and then another message the second the election is over, Doug Ford keeps saying the same things he’s always been saying. That shows his commitment to The People, and it’s why millions put their trust in him and the PCs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube