WATCH: Doug Ford Tells Media Scrum The PCs Will “Never Forget Who Put Us Here, The People”

Ford says no food or alcohol will be bought with taxpayer dollars.

Doug Ford continues to show that he’s focused on those who put him into office.

During a recent media scrum, Ford says he told his caucus to “never forget who put us here, the people.”

He said food and booze won’t be bought with taxpayers dollars, putting an end to the culture of arrogance and waste that had permeated the Ontario government under the Wynne Liberals.

Ford also discussed his public service hiring freeze, noting that nurses, teachers, firefighters, and police are exempt – with the freeze focusing on the bureaucracy, not frontline workers.

Since winning the election, Ford continues to keep his promises – even before taking office – and is showing that a new day has truly dawned in Ontario when it comes to respect for the taxpayers and government accountability.

Watch Ford’s media scrum below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tod keller

Go Ford your the man to make ontario great again


He is doing much better than I had thought. . Very pleased with Doug so far. Keep up this stuff.


This news is music to my ears. It has been bothering me a lot since I read a report on the consumption of alcohol specially, and food taken ON THE JOB by government employees. When you read that the Liberals go on trip to Paris re Paris agreement, a huge delegation of Liberals and they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on alcohol consumption on the plane. NO COMPANIES allow this kind of expenses. It is time that the government(s) mirror the private industries in regard to this, salaries, compensation. The taxpayers cannot keep paying for benefits and advantages to… Read more »


Go Ford Nation this is very good, we need you and support you.


Doug Ford is a man of his word and he will do his best to protect the interests of hard-working Canadian’s. I only hope he can do something about our open borders and stop the insanity of illegal immigrants and stop the hate protest’s going on in Toronto against the jews. This is an act of terrorism in my opinion.