MANIPULATION: Turns Out The Girl ‘Separated’ From Her Mother In Viral Photo Used On Time Magazine Cover Wasn’t Actually Separated From Her At All

Isn’t the media supposed to check the details beforehand?

The elitist media has been caught in yet another manipulative deception.

This time, it’s for a viral photo of a crying girl ‘separated’ from her family at the border.

It’s an image that spread quickly, and was used by the media as an attack on the Trump Administration’s family separation policy.

Except, as noted by Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti, the girl wasn’t actually separated from her mother:

“Father of the now famous photo of the little girl crying says his wife/child were never separated at any time by authorities, that his wife was seeking a job (not fleeing violence), and that he is upset w/ her for taking his child on the dangerous journey”

As reported by the Daily Mail, “In an exclusive interview with, Hernandez, who lives in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, says that he was told yesterday that his wife and child are being detained at a family residential center in Texas but are together and are doing ‘fine.’ ‘You can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter. It broke my heart. It’s difficult as a father to see that, but I know now that they are not in danger. They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border,’ he said.

Denis said his wife and daughter were never separated by border control agents and remain together.”

Additionally, “He revealed that his wife had previously mentioned her wish to go to the United States for a ‘better future’ but did not tell him nor any of their family members that she was planning to make the trek. ‘I didn’t support it. I asked her, why? Why would she want to put our little girl through that? But it was her decision at the end of the day.'”

While Denis heavily criticizes Trump’s border policies, it should be noted that the media attempted to use the photo of Yanela as their ‘symbol’ of Trump separating families at the border. Time Magazine even used it as their cover.

But now, it turns out that she wasn’t separated, and the mother wasn’t seeking asylum. This goes totally against the narrative the media tried to push with the image.

Also, Yanela’s mother apparently paid a Coyote (human trafficker) $6,000 to bring her and her daughter across the border illegally. 

None of that has been reported by the elite media, and the media isn’t reporting it in their breathless coverage of the photoshopped Times Cover.

Whether people like Trump or not, this kind of media manipulation is disturbing. After all, before pushing a specific narrative, the media should have looked into the story behind the photo. In fact, looking deeper into things is what the media exists to do in the first place. Instead, they pushed a political narrative.

This is why the media around the world is losing support and is no longer trusted.

If they don’t want to be accused of lies, they should stop their disgraceful manipulations.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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If she had 6000.00 to pay a trafficker, she was richer than many or at least as rich as many working class in America who would not have that extra money because of the cost of sustenance. Many are working from pay to pay. Maybe the left she left behind was not as bad as she figured. The grass always looks greener on the other side until you get there and it is not so.


For sure, not new the media manipulation and fake news. It is twisted. The rich media elite get richer often off of these fake events.


One day the media might get to feel their own manipulative behavior. They lie about everything and anyone about what they want us to see and hear especially when a conservative party is in gov like they did to PMSH and now Trump. The medias manipulating the ‘real story’ just to satisfy their manipulative agenda(liberals) is going to cost them not only their livelihood, but their own self respect. Justin Trudeau is a terrorist Isis supporter and is allowing them to roam the streets of Canada probably hurt little children doesn’t seem to bother the media ONE BIT. Yet a… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

The words “check” and “facts” are no accepted by MSM, who have decided what is and what is not factual — regardless of the facts.

Another sing of our ‘progressing culture’ and ‘modern social standards.’

Donna Lunn

I am disappointed in you Spencer. I saw the video of this and the mother put the child down as the officer was searching the mom and of course the child was distraught. I am too suspicious to believe the ‘father’ of the child when a mom is escaping the country with a small child. And the point of the story last week was the horrific separation of parents and children from the border. An undisputed fact. This is not an action of any country I hold in esteem. Be careful of what you are defending. This cover is not… Read more »

Wes Zaboschuk

Do you all recall the big blunder time made when they came out with “MADAME PRESIDENT”. This cost them millions in reprints. The company as with every print publisher was going on a downhill Spiral. Then Meredith in Jan 2018 bought them out. Meredith was backed financially to purchase time by the Koch Brothers who are deep Bush Republicans. Remember Trump came to clean all that swamp.