WATCH: Scheer Asks Trudeau Why He Spent $7,500 In Taxpayer Dollars On A Swing Set

“Can the prime minister tell me what exactly is part of a $7,500 swing set?” asked Scheer.

After news got out about the large amount of taxpayer dollars the Trudeau government was spending on perks for Justin’s family, many started to focus on one expense in particular: A $7,500 swing set.

As swing sets go that’s pretty expensive, and it’s certainly not something that taxpayers should be covering.

And yet, the Trudeau government spent that much on a swing set, and the elitist Trudeau didn’t use his own money to pay for it – he used taxpayer dollars.

Hilariously, when pressed on it Justin Trudeau started talking about the “middle class,” even though taxes on middle class Canadians have risen while he was in power.

After Trudeau’s attempt to deflect, Scheer noted other costs that Trudeau charged taxpayers for, including $28,000 to upgrade some ski trails, and $5,000 for a golf cart – yet more examples of Trudeau’s contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

Watch the exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Ron Voss

The Speaker of the House should have the power to call someone in contempt of Parliament who does not answer a question.

Lynn Fennell

I agree. It is deplorable that he does not answer the questions.

Maryam McKinley

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard Trudeau give that canned answer. He is not only disrespecting the opposition by not answering the question, he is disrespecting all Canadians. I am sick and tired of Trudeau’s theatrics.

Elizabeth Thorne



The outrageous expenses of Trudeau on the taxpayers back will make history as the most irresponsible PM of Canadian history.

Valerie MacDonald

It would seem the prime minister is in government for his own personal gain ! He is the biggest swindler of all !

Ben Eby

Trudeau came to power with an attitude that the plain folks (us) owe him a living, so petty thievery from the public purse is no big deal to him, and no matter what is said he will not change, except to be more sneaky about it. With that knowledge in mind I suggest that Andrew Scheer cut to the chase and let Canadians, especially Western Canadians know where we are in the process of getting Trans Mountain pipeline construction underway. In the West we believe that is a much more pressing issue, even if Andrew doesn’t.


Make trudeau stop. I can’t listen to his parrot ass anymore. The libs are a delusional group of probably the most ignorant fools I’ve ever seen. You’d think after the Ontario election and the Quebec byelection they would realize Canada is not with them and despise their treacherous ideology. Every last one of them will be looking for work.

Sandra Clark

WOW! He avoids the questions as usual. As much as it pains me to see this man waste money and justify it with nonsense, I wonder why he just doesn’t come right out and admit that he thinks his family and himself are special and they deserve to spend our tax dollars on themselves. His children “need” the best that money can buy and they can’t play on an ordinary swing set that the ordinary Canadian can afford. Trudeau and his wife “needs” the sauna and the expensive ski trail grooming. All those gourmet meals need to be worked off.… Read more »

Valerie Clark

Journalists can find this information so I wonder why they don’t follow the billions of taxpayer dollars given away in “foreign aid”. Curious. It’s always given to countries where Canadians can’t find a paper trail but surely a good journalist could.


he usually does blame harper for stuff and it is sad , heck I didnt vote for trudeau but I didnt vote for harper , and now that I look back on it , he did a better job