WATCH: Scheer Asks Trudeau Why He Spent $7,500 In Taxpayer Dollars On A Swing Set

“Can the prime minister tell me what exactly is part of a $7,500 swing set?” asked Scheer.

After news got out about the large amount of taxpayer dollars the Trudeau government was spending on perks for Justin’s family, many started to focus on one expense in particular: A $7,500 swing set.

As swing sets go that’s pretty expensive, and it’s certainly not something that taxpayers should be covering.

And yet, the Trudeau government spent that much on a swing set, and the elitist Trudeau didn’t use his own money to pay for it – he used taxpayer dollars.

Hilariously, when pressed on it Justin Trudeau started talking about the “middle class,” even though taxes on middle class Canadians have risen while he was in power.

After Trudeau’s attempt to deflect, Scheer noted other costs that Trudeau charged taxpayers for, including $28,000 to upgrade some ski trails, and $5,000 for a golf cart – yet more examples of Trudeau’s contempt for Canadian taxpayers.

Watch the exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter