Ending The Safe Third Country Agreement Would Be A Disaster For Canada

If you think the illegal border crossing crisis is bad now, imagine how bad it would be if our virtue-signalling politicians said the US wasn’t safe anymore and totally opened the doors…

There are increasing numbers of reports in the elitist media about how Canada should end the Safe Third Country Agreement we have with the United States.

The agreement states that Canada believes the US is a safe country for refugees, and that people seeking to claim refugee status must do so in the first safe country they enter after leaving their original country.

Because of the weakness of the Trudeau government (including his irresponsible “welcome to Canada” tweet), and the contrast that has created with tough policies in the US, Canada is seeing a surge of illegal border crossings.

While the virtue-signallars don’t call the crossings illegal, the fact is that the US is a safe country and those leaving the US to enter Canada are purposely avoiding the legal border crossings. Hence, the crossings are illegal.

But if you think the illegal border crossing crisis is bad now, it would be far worse if Canada suspended the Safe Third Country Agreement.

Yet, leftist academics and virtue-signalling politicians are calling for exactly that.

If Canada took that step, we would be opening the floodgates to everyone in the US illegally, and everyone in other countries who wanted to enter the US illegally in order to get to Canada.

Suspending the agreement would mean that anyone could enter Canada from the US – even outside of a legal crossing – and make a refugee claim. While people are already exploiting a loophole to do that, the combination of the government stating that they view the US as an unsafe country, and allowing anyone to cross anywhere without legal repercussions would cause an even larger surge of illegal crossings.

That would mean opening our borders completely to a nation of over 300 million people, and the hundreds of millions in central and south america.

It wouldn’t be long until our already over-burdened social services (such as the Toronto emergency shelter system that is already being overwhelmed) and our healthcare and education systems would be at the brink of collapse.

The same number of taxpayers would be paying for more and more services for more and more people every single day, and it would not be sustainable.

It would be mean less support for Canadian citizens.

As many have pointed out, you can’t have open borders and a welfare state at the same time. But if the Safe Third Country Agreement is ended, that’s exactly what the Trudeau government would be doing to Canada, and the results would be disastrous for our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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It would be totally preposterous to do that when we all know how safe the US is.


Who is funding all of these? not so poor migrants it seems? The little girl crying fake picture separated from her mother who had the money to get her and the daughter to Mexico, then she paid $6000.00 to a smuggler to get them illegally into the USA? or The cost of a flight from Nigeria to New York is over $1200.00 each, one way, then a taxi to the Canadian boarder would not be cheap and families arrive in the pictures we see with nice clothes and expensive in some cases luggage? Is this our taxes at work, or… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

One might start by taking a good look at George Soros and any organization connected with his Open Society.

William Hyslop

The new world order happening before our eyes. We must stop this.

Moe S.

Apparently, Trudeau and his bother own kilometers of forest land near St. Adole de Howard with 2x private lakes and a chalet. Trudeau, who always rolls-up the sleeves of his white shirt while strolling among the industrial working blue collar folk, pretending for the camera’s he’s just like them. He should have no trouble rolling-up those sleeves to help build lakefront refugee accommodations around those private lakes and forest land he owns. Whatta you say, Justin? Show how much you really care about ALL those ‘irregular border crossers’ you so fondly talk about yet ignore.


I would just leave the country, if I can’t get to eastern EU I will try to become a US citizen because ALL illegals from Mexico would go to Canada too. Millions of illegals in the US would empty out and hopefully, Trump could lock the door behind them.


It’s guys like George Soros and groups like his that are the one’s paying for this movement and it has nothing to do with them needing a safe country when most are leaving a safe Country to come here to get better job and take advantage of out Welfare System

tTommy Hawk

Does anyone actually believe that is NOT the plan? If so, please get professional help before it is too late and you harm yourself or your family.


This will be a repeat of Merkel’s welcome and open borders which sure worked out well for Europe. Maybe the US can just bus all illegals to the Canadian borders, since Trudeau is all for welcoming anyone the US doesn’t want, and then the RCMP can carry their luggage across………..luggage, cellphones , and scripted notes on what to say for asylum and benifits. This should do the trick. Is MS13 already in Quebec? The big problem I see is the Conservative Party is too quiet so who do I vote or hope to vote for now that Bernier has been… Read more »


They’re not exploiting loopholes. Our laws are not being enforced. The law is clear. It’s up to us to enforce them.