Conservatives Rip Trudeau For Refusing To Acknowledge Genocide Of Christians In The Middle East

In his ‘answer’, Trudeau didn’t even utter the word ‘Christians.’

The longer Justin Trudeau is in power, the more people are noticing a recurring trend.

When it comes to criticism of radical islamism, Justin Trudeau immediately denounces it as “islamophobia,” seeking to shut down any discussion whatsoever.

But when it comes to persecution against other faiths, particularly Christianity, Trudeau is silent.

That was seen once again in Trudeau’s response to a question about why the government is failing to recognize the fact that Christians in the middle east have been subjected to a genocide at the hands of ISIS.

Watch more in the video below:

Trudeau’s ‘answer,’ or lack thereof, has been ripped by the Conservatives.

On Twitter, Andrew Scheer said “Justin Trudeau’s failure to stand up against the persecution of Christians and other minorities around the world is completely unacceptable. Canada’s Conservatives will always defend human rights and the freedom of religion, at home and abroad.”

Here’s what Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said after Question Period:

“Today in Question Period I asked the Prime Minister to acknowledge the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and to recognize that Christians were victims of genocide at the hands of Daesh/ISIS. The Prime Minister did not answer the question at all, and would not even use the word “Christian” in his response. The government’s response to minority persecution around the world has been underwhelming, but on issues impacting Christians in particular, they have steadfastly refused to engage at all.”

Trudeau’s double standard is disturbing, because he not only is refusing to address the threat of radical Islamism, but is failing to impartially stand for a faith still practiced by the largest number of Canadians.

Once again, we see that Trudeau’s supposed defence of ‘human rights’ is selective and based only on his political agenda – not any real conviction or courage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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