WATCH: Canada’s Chief Negotiator Accidentally Reveals There Are No Active NAFTA Negotiations Happening, Freeland Says “We’ll Talk Later, But Not Here”

Is the government trying to hide the true state of NAFTA negotiations from Canadians?

A disturbing moment during a NAFTA roundtable seems to have revealed the true state of NAFTA negotiations.

While the government has been trying to put a positive spin on things, Canada’s chief NAFTA negotiator let slip what’s really happening.

The negotiator was asked, “Do you still meet your counterparts? Do you still have committees that are working? What is the status of the…”

At that moment, the chief negotiator responded and said “We don’t have any active negotiations.”

He added, “I haven’t talked to them in a little while.”

When asked how long it was since he’s talked to the other NAFTA negotiators, he said “since two or three weeks. I’ll have the odd conversation, but no real engagement, no real negotiating session.”

That is huge news, since the Trudeau government has been saying that negotiations are ongoing.

After this was revealed, Chrystia Freeland – showing that usual Trudeau government “openness and transparency” – said in French “We’ll talk later, but not here.”

You can watch the moment in the clip below:

While CBC tries passing it off as “an awkward moment,” it’s actually quite disturbing for our country.

This look behind the scenes is far different from the public line the government has been using, and it raises some serious questions about the competence of the Trudeau government.

Also, Canadians have the right to know how the negotiations are going, and Freeland trying to hide what’s really happening is a disgrace.

When all of this is going on, how can anyone be expected to trust this government?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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D. Jerome Hauk

Bear in mind thatKatie Simpson is a media Liberal apologist and tried to put some spin on the clip.


Spencer, I have had the suspicion that like: fading out Canada’s oil production, stopping the pipelines, leaving our boarders unprotected, etc that NAFTA is not in their agenda either just another coverup show for other things they are doing? Hope I am wrong.

tTommy Hawk

Regardless of the subject and regardless of the individual speaking — if it concerns the present government, in all likelihood there is a cover-up of some kind for some reason — that is how they operate.

Chris vrecko

Did anyone actually believe what this govt. Says.

Mike Sharkey

Spencer, if you had a time slot on CBC, then Canadians would not be in half the trouble we are in. Keep up the great work!


Trust this government? They are the biggest liars and crooks EVER!!!! Kick them out as soon as possible!!!


He’s utterly clueless on how to engage or negotiate, OR, Trudeau is so stupidly stubborn, He’s tied his hands behind his back and forbids to back down at all. The kid is an utter moron either way.


I woudn’t Trust a thing this govt says especially Turdeau


not the first time , trudeau s talks vs facts RAISE SOME DOUBT about this government s competence

alan skelhorne

when you have a corrupt government, what else do you expect.
king trudeau at his best.


“how can anyone be expected to trust this government?” I trusty that is a rhetorical question.


Trudeau is trying to kill any trade agreements we have in the States, killed the pipeline. Trudeau is killing ALL POSSIBLE PROSPERITY THAT WE COULD have in Caanda. He is planning trade with Saudi Arabia and China. Do you think they will be good partners? I will never trust those 2 countries. I guess we will have to STOP ALL IMMIGRATION IN THIS COUNTRY because we will not be able to feed our own people.