Despite The Deceptions Of The Government, There’s No Peace To Keep In Mali

Even the military is admitting that it’s not actually a ‘peacekeeping’ mission.

The Trudeau government has tried convincing Canadians that the mission in Mali is a ‘peacekeeping’ mission.

It’s not.

And now, even the military is admitting it:

As Canadian General Jonathan Vance said in a recent report“This is a mission sponsored by the UN, and so think of it as a UN mission, not necessarily a peacekeeping mission.”

The report says,“But the reality has shifted. It is, as he puts it, “far messier.”‘

Even the CBC had to admit that it’s not a peacekeeping mission, though they just ‘had’ to throw in a climate change reference:

“The mission in Mali will not be about two once-warring states asking for UN help to maintain fragile peace. This is about a teetering country besieged in parts by extremists who are not loosening their grip and battling everything from climate change to poverty.”

Clearly, it’s not a peacekeeping mission.

So why is Canada sending troops to such a dangerous nation when our national interests aren’t at stake at all?

Because Justin Trudeau wants a UN Security Council Seat for his vanity.

As a total globalist, Trudeau is willing to put Canadians at risk to boost his image by getting a security council seat at the useless UN, even though the vast majority of Canadians couldn’t care less about whether we get a seat or not.

That’s why the Trudeau government is willing to try and deceive Canadians about the mission falsely being about ‘peacekeeping,’ and why it wasn’t put to a real vote in Parliament.

Now, our troops are in a dangerous country that has no strategic interest to Canada, all to fulfill the political ambitions of a dishonest and deceptive ‘leader.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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