‘Post-Nationalism’ Is A Betrayal Of Citizens

It should be basic common sense that national governments exist only to serve citizens.

Citizenship is supposed to have benefits. Being a citizen is supposed to mean that your national government puts your interests first – ahead of non-citizens.

That is supposed to be basic common sense.

And yet, ‘leaders’ like Justin Trudeau are trying to push the dangerous idea of ‘post-nationalism,’ a concept which destroys the meaning of citizenship, erases borders, and weakens the cohesion of our society – making room for destructive identity politics.

We see this attitude also in the elites of the European Union, who are trying to erase any sense of national independence or local democracy. We also see it in the far-left in North America, where virtue-signalling politicians refuse to help their own fellow citizens in need, while prioritizing the issues of non-citizens and international institutions.

That’s why ‘post-nationalism’ is a betrayal of citizens.

The problem is that post-national politicians are pushing an idea that can’t end in any other way than a betrayal of those they are supposed to serve.

National governments are almost entirely propped up by the taxes paid by citizens. The national government has the name of the country on it, uses the flag of the country, and exercise authority under the pretext of serving the national interest.

The very idea of a national government is dependent on the idea of a nation, and of citizens having control over that government. After all, how can there be a ‘Canadian’ government without a strong sense of a Canadian identity, based upon shared, common values?

We can notice how post-national politicians want to erase the idea of a strong national history and strong national values, instead turning their countries into a set of separate, competing tribes. And yet, those same politicians demand the power that comes from running a national government. They want all the taxes, they want all the control, and they want all the influence, but they don’t want to serve the people who actually pay for that government to exist.

Consider all the attention given by Canadian ‘leaders’ to issues outside of our country, and all the money spent on foreign aid and on individuals entering Canada in violation of our laws.

Meanwhile, many of our Veterans have been abandoned, many seniors are in poverty, some parts of Canada have the highest youth suicide rate on earth, and some communities within our own country lack basics like running water. Not only that, but our military is badly under-funded (yet is still being sent into the Mali warzone), and working class people have been systematically screwed over by the government for years.

Those are all problems impacting Canadian citizens, and that is where the focus of the government must be directed. A true ‘National’ government would be focused on those issues.

Here in Canada, and around the world, people are starting to wake up to the danger of ‘post-nationalism,’ and are standing up for their national sovereignty. And despite the globalists and elites calling patriotic people every demonizing name in the book, the future belongs to those who stand up for their country and demand leaders who put the interests of citizens first.

Those who want to put global interests ahead of national interests should go work for the United Nations or an international charity, not seek to run the national government.

Spencer Fernando

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Sewer Rat

Wow! Extremely well said! (When are you running for PM?)

Beverley Campbell

I one hundred percent agree with you in re this article. I do have hope, however, because I believe that the people of Canada are on the very verge of an awakening, I saw it in the Ontario election and now in the Quebec bye-election, the voters went for the candidate that exactly represented their dissatisfaction and their interests. This is what struck the Americans in the face when they never in this world would have believed that Donald Trump could be elected President, I would be willing to bet that if the Conservatives had a leader that was as… Read more »


2019 is getting closer, this fake pretend traitorous government should never have gotten voted in, outside foreign charities and radical groups fixed our election, just like they tried to do in the USA.
Thank you Spencer for your true Canadian values, Canada needs more people like you, truthful.


We cannot have nations without culture, there is no culture without clans, there cannot be clans without tribes, there cannot be tribes without family and there cannot be family without genders. Family is our foundation and we have to wake up to the fact that Globalists have known this and have been attacking our foundations for a long time. The traditional family is now referred to as the nuclear family. See how they run.

tTommy Hawk

You, sir are a magician with words — if only I had such talent. However, my sincere thanks for an article that lays out a precise definition of ‘country.’ Now, if the citizens of Canada (at least temporarily citizens) can digest your comments and understand clearly the trap that has been laid for us and, in time, avoid that trap, there is hope. However, if we, as we have done in our ‘political innocence’ over the years, go back to sleep I can guarantee that our offspring and their offspring — and their offspring — will wonder all their days… Read more »


Ttommy… You also have a gift with words. we will use those words for the election. My heart aches for the next generation and few people realize that it is now our turn to protect our country. My father and grandfather gave their lives to protect Canada and her allies from fascism. We have enjoyed 60 years of freedom….to the point that we have been caught off guard and don’t recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing. Truedope is a Quebecer and he doesn’t have the same sense of Patriotism as English Canadians feel. The Quebecers refused to defend Canada (except for… Read more »


Simple!Trudeau is a proponent of the Tower of Babel Very unfortunate that he was not raised a christian/catholic because he would know that the Babel Tower is the worst model that can be used for a society: “The Tower of Babel represents the pride of mankind wanting to reach the heavens and be their own gods. It represents the unification of all people in error. Because of their pride, which is a sin, the same sin that caused Lucifer to rebel, God divided them by making them speak different languages.” HOPE YOU NOTICE THE KEY WORD: divide. That is Trudeau… Read more »


The absolute truth. Thank you for the reminder, hopefully more Canadians will realize this & stand up & take our country & values back. Excellent article.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is our Prime Minister, sad as that is to think about, and with that high office comes the responsibility to lead and govern our country in the best interests of every Canadian. Trudeau can’t have it both ways, one were he says that “Canada is a post national state without any identity or unifying culture and heritage” and then claim to be our Prime Minister. With that high office, comes the permanent status only given to real and existing countries. Trudeau by taking that position is actually making a mockery of our country and every single citizen. Trudeau fails… Read more »

Brian dougan

This Trudope government belongs in a Monty Python sketch. Our beloved country is being ruined by a dangerous buffoon, and the jokers in “his” cabinet. Citizens elects a government to be responsible stewards; politicians do not own the country–to do as they please. We are living in dangerous; delusional times.