Surge In Number Of Canadians Who Say Economy Is Getting Weaker

And the number who think it’s getting stronger is dropping fast.

Canadians are losing confidence in our national economy under the Trudeau government.

According to a recent survey, just 14.7% of respondents think the Canadian economy will strengthen in the next six months.

Meanwhile, a full 38.2% expect the economy to weaken in the next sixth months.

37.2% expect their to be no change – at a time when growth is already weak.

It’s a big change from the end of May, when 19.2% thought the economy would strengthen, 27.8% thought it would weaken, and 45.5% said there would be no change.

This growing doubt in our economy comes as the Canada’s relations with our top trading partner are worsening, at the same time as the Trudeau government imposes a damaging, job killing carbon tax and strangles our economy with excessive regulations.

As a result, we’re facing tough negotiations with the US while having our own consumers and economy weakened by our government.

So, it’s no surprise that Canadians are pessimistic, since we can all see the Trudeau government continuing to mismanage the economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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We desperately need a true conservative government. One that will kill the carbon tax, give Canadians other tax relief, and cut regulations.

Plus, a conservative government will protect and defend religious liberty.

Sewer Rat

And stop all this SJW BS!


The recession has already begun. We are in the early stages. 2019 will not be a good year for Canada.

Shawn Harris

The picture and message that Trudeau is sending out to all Canadians and our trading partners is this, Trudeau is holding his carbon tax gun to our heads, while destroying our economy and saying to President Trump, give me what I want in a new NAFTA deal or the Canadians take a big hit to their bank accounts. Trudeau has overplayed the virtue card and has become a clown at negotiating anything; see the mess he deliberately created with our oil industry. We bought a pipeline, that trudeau never ever had any intention of building. Add to that he has… Read more »