Trudeau Liberals Gave Over $50,000 In Canada Summer Jobs Money To Islamic Group Whose Leader Called For The Destruction Of Israel

Yet churches helping homeless Canadians lost their funding.

As the Trudeau Liberals continue to reject funding from (mostly Christian) organizations that won’t sign Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian Canada Summer Jobs values test, it turns out the Trudeau government is providing increasing amounts of funding to groups spreading hateful rhetoric.

According to a report by Global News, the Trudeau government has given over $50,000 in taxpayer dollars to the Islamic Humanitarian Service in the past two years.

The leader of that group – Sheikh Shafiq Hudda – has made horrendous comments at the anti-Semitic Al Quds Day rally.

At the rally, Hudda called for “the eradication of the unjust powers, such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists.”

He added, “The same body bags that you have caused for the Palestinians, your army, the Israeli Defense forces will leave from Palestine in those same body bags.”

Hudda’s remarks can be seen below:

Despite these horrendous comments, the Trudeau Liberals have not revoked the funding going towards the Islamic Humanitarian Service, meaning our taxpayer dollars are going towards funding hate.

That group also received funding under the Conservatives, however, it was far less ($5,966), and it was before Hudda’s comments had come to light.

The Conservatives are now ripping into the Trudeau Liberals for funding a group with a leader who spouts such hateful rhetoric:

Anti-Christian double-standard?

This continues a disturbing trend under the Trudeau government, where Christian groups are seemingly targeted by the government and held to one standard, while other groups – particularly Islamic groups – are able to get away with hateful rhetoric without repercussion.

By contrast, a true leader like Doug Ford has called for banning Al Quds Day entirely, saying it has no place in Canada. Trudeau has failed to follow that good example.

Instead of stripping funding from Churches helping homeless Canadians, the Trudeau Liberals should be focused on making sure that our tax dollars aren’t funding hatred. If they refuse to do that, we can only conclude that the federal government’s true sympathies lie with those who are trying to tear down our society and divide our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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At what point is it the last straw for Canadians as it relates to this obvious, deliberate and targeted approach and treatment of certain religious and cultural groups all for the gain of this elected power? Are all non-Christian groups blindly or carelessly signing in unanimous accordance with the Liberals’ abortion views to receive such funding opportunities? I for one find this hard to believe.

Chris vrecko

Face it they don’t care. Sad but true. I wish I knew what could be done to wake people up, it’s a disgrace because Canadians will not speak out for fear of loosing their jobs, might loose friends and seniors seem to have (as a whole) thrown their hands up and figure their not going to be around so let the idiots destroy Canada. As a senior I find it insulting and ignorant. Livid at Canadians as a whole. Shame on everyone!


I have worn myself thin, spreading the word about Trudeau and his evil elites. I have written letters to Andrew Sheer asking him what he is going to do about the borders and when is Trudeau going to be held accountable for his action’s. I comment and post every newspaper article on Facebook in vain as most people don’t even comment. It is so unbelievable that Canadian’s have actually excepted this globolist as word and bow to him like a King or a God. It’s painful to watch the destruction he is doing to Canada. How he caters to one… Read more »


Go after all the MP’s and scream and holler as loud as you can and protest as often as you can. Unfortunately, like the MLA’s they will be on an extended vacation until Oct/18. Great being paid for being trained seals. Trudeau like Pierre is a communist and an Islam lover, therefore a traitor to Canada because he is not working on behalf of Canada and us just illegals/terrorists/ISIS and sending them money and letting them in. We are being discriminated against, yet this moron can’t be removed as PM. The damage he is doing will reflect on him also… Read more »


We need another Doug Ford, for the Federal Government. I hope, really hope Andrew Schere is like Doug Ford, but 2019 can not come fast enough.
Spencer, I was reading an article in Sweden’s media and they were quoting from several of yours, they also felt Trudeau is doing great harm to North America. You are doing the world a truthful great service with your writing, you sure can make Canada proud and get us all voting the best way, thank you again, save Canada!


Nancy, make sure more Europeans know about Spencer and how Trudeau is a selfie elitist narcissist. It’s good to hear the opinions of citizens of other countries and not just their elitist politicians.

Elizabeth Thorne



This is why we call him Jihadi Justin.


While Trump serves Americans and builds up and strengthens his country, Trudeau continues with his mission to destroy ours. I hope Trump and his gov’t are paying attention to this Sheikh Shafiq Hudda and his comments “the eradication of the unjust powers, such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists” and the Trudeau liberals unwavering support under the guise of “Diversity”. Trudeau is becoming a major security threat not only to us but also to our best friends to the south with which we share a massive border. Maybe his next vacation will be a permanent one at… Read more »


Spencer…..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! It’s a slow process but the Truth Will Out those who are bringing Canada down. Thanks


I feel the same as you, it seems that Canadians have buried their heads in the sand! I don’t know how much worse things will have to get before they wake up and look around and do something!

Randy Martin

Does this not contradict their own m103, c16 that isn’t worth the toilet paper its written on…..tired of the two- faced hypocrisy and traitorous behavour from this leftist regime called the liberals